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  • Asked on January 14, 2020 in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Hi, my name is Sam, I am a ProAdvisor and a content consultant for many websites too. I am assigned with the task to evaluate requirements and respond to your questions. When MAC version was discontinued or stopped working for MAC OS update almost 2 years ago many users switched QuickBooks Desktop for windows. Depending on ease and preference some chose to go for a separate computer Windows and rest got the parallels installed to use QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. In response to your post, I will bring the major aspects to the light to help to make a better decision.

    Alternatives to QuickBooks for MAC: If you are a diehard lover of MAC computers and don’t want to work on or switch to a windows platform. QuickBooks Online may be the best pie for you. You may not have the exact same look n feel into it but that will suffice the standard accounting requirements for your business. Additionally, you also have the benefit of accessing your QuickBooks from anywhere regardless of the operating system installed on a computer. It can either be accessed from a browser or an App.

    Since you haven’t hinted about the line of your business, following what I would like you to ponder the essential points. QuickBooks Desktop for MAC or Online won’t offer you industry-specific functionality.

    The Price Affair – QuickBooks Desktop for MAC:

    The estimated cost to own QuickBooks Desktop for MAC is $299. It offers you Contact Management, Account Payable, Account receivable, Expense tracking, Invoices and estimates, Inventory etc. likewise other variants of QuickBooks.

    QuickBooks for MAC Pros & Cons:

    Amidst its user, friendly interface pros and cons using QuickBooks for MAC 2019 can’t be vetoed.    

    QuickBooks for MAC Pros:

      • User-friendly Interface.


      • Robust Features.


      • Affordable onetime cost.


    QuickBooks for MAC Pros:

      • No anywhere access to data.


      • Tech Support Limited to 30 Days.


      • Can scale up only up to 3 users.



    I hope to have satisfied your quest about QuickBooks Desktop for MAC and help you make a better decision. QuickBooks for MAC is inevitably quite affordable to manage your income and expense amid the other basic accounting requirements. QuickBooks Desktop for Windows Company file needs to be converted back to be used in MAC.

    Please Visit: for more help articles

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  • Asked on October 23, 2019 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale.

    Hi, I use the 2019 version of QuickBooks Pro on my windows 10 computer. Along with this, I have Installed the POS System on the same computer. Everything is working fine and all the software are functioning properly. However, whenever I try to open the POS feature, an error message appears on my screen that states Error initializing QBPOS application log”. I have discussed this issue with my IT person he did the normal tune up and updated my Point of Sale Software and QuickBooks Software as well. He also tried to update my windows but nothing seemed to be working. I don’t know why my Point of Sale application has been plagues by the “Error initializing QBPOS application log”. Can anybody help me fix this problem?


    Ans: Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will be glad to resolve your issues regarding the Error initializing QBPOS application logmessage. Generally, this error occurs when there is any incompatibility issue in between your computer and software. Another possible reason behind the occurrence of this error is corrupted or damaged windows files.

    Now, before we go through the steps of resolution, you must first Initialize the QuickBooks POS Application Log.

    You might be questioning the importance of performing this procedure. Well, the following reasons are why you must Initialize the QuickBooks POS Application Log:


      • This mistake, for the most part, flies up when you are introducing or propelling QuickBooks point of sale.


      • Initializing QuickBooks POS log blunder principally caused because of Windows framework documents harm.


      • Usually, a smart thought to repair Windows framework documents as it can be a genuine danger to your PC framework.


      • On the off chance that you have been encountering framework or some of the time application crashes in Windows there are chances that framework records are degenerate or harmed.


    Moving on, to know the steps to resolve the Error initializing QBPOS application log issue, you will need to read the following article: Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log


    By following and performing the steps according to the way it has been illustrated in the aforementioned article, you will be able to successfully resolve your Error initializing QBPOS application log” problem. On the off chance that even the article is unable to provide you with any solutions, then feel free to contact the QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor Number for immediate and expert technical assistance.

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  • Asked on October 10, 2019 in QuickBooks Company File.

    Hi, I can understand your frustration and will be glad to help you get rid of this error. However, before we provide you with the steps of resolution, we need to first understand the issue that cause the QuickBooks error 12152 to occur.

    There could be many reasons that contribute towards the occurrence of QuickBooks error 12152. Mentioned below are some of the causes below:

      1. Your QuickBooks software is unable to read and write the license data on the config. file which is a must to start the QuickBooks.


      1. Your computer Windows API keys are missing or not working properly. These keys provide support to QuickBooks in order to operate properly.


      1. The QuickBooks error 12152 occurs when you have been using an older version of QuickBooks or you have not updated the QuickBooks for a long time.


      1. Your QuickBooks might not have been installed in the correct format and this might lead to the appearance of the error message.


      1. A malware or virus Infection could have caused the problem to occur.


    Now, if you would like to learn the procedure of resolving this issue, you can refer to the article “How to solve QuickBooks error 12152”

    If you are still not able to solve the issue even after performing the steps as they have been illustrated in the article and require further technical assistance, you can contact the QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s .

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  • Asked on September 30, 2019 in Company File.

    Hello there, Thanks for you post and your requirements have been thoroughly recorded. Subsequently, I am going to help you with all that would help you to add and manage vehicles in QuickBooks. I assure you that managing vehicles in QuickBooks will not only help you curb the present logistics expense, you will realize the following objective also.

      • Record and manage used vehicles purchased in QuickBooks.


      • Setup up down payment and loan payment for new vehicles in QuickBooks.


      • Record and manage exiting vehicles in QuickBooks


      • Versatile reporting for logistics in QuickBooks for on time decision-making.


      • Mileage expenses tracking in QuickBooks.


      • Mileage by Vehicle Detail tracking in QuickBooks.


      • Mileage Tracking by Job Summary in QuickBooks.


      • Mileage tracking by Job Detail in QuickBooks.


      • Create a journal entry for the sale of a vehicle with a loan liability in QuickBooks.


      • Record a vehicle trade in with a note and a trade in allowance in QuickBooks.


    I hope this information serves you with the insights about vehicle management functionality in QuickBooks.   You should not look back or be afraid of having in-house logistics. Our QuickBooks Support Team is here for instant help to add and setup vehicles in QuickBooks. You can take a look at the website for help articles. Hope this helps.

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  • Asked on September 9, 2019 in Error Messages.

    I will definitely help you to fix the QuickBooks Error PS033, however, you should be aware of the causes and reasons behind this error and identify which one could be your scenario lies in. So here are a few possible causes of Error PS303 QuickBooks.  I am also willing to inform you that this error belongs to a set to error messages the complete error message is “QuickBooks is having trouble installing payroll tax table update”. Let’s look into the reason for this error now:

    • It is very likely that QuickBooks installed on your computer is not up to date and it is also possible that the software is not registered yet.
    • The QuickBooks Company file is damaged or corrupted.
    • If you are getting QuickBooks Error PS033 while running the payroll update that clearly means, the Payroll folder and tax table file components are missing or corrupted.
    • As QuickBooks Payroll is a paid service from Intuit, it could be possible that your subscription details or the billing information like your credit card registered with QuickBooks is missing or expired.
    • It could be possible that you have multiple QuickBooks installation like Pro 2016 and 2018 and Intuit server is not determining which one should be updated.

    I hope you get a brief idea about fixing  QuickBooks Error PS033.

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