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  • Asked on April 15, 2019 in Error Messages.

    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for posting on our QuickBooks community.

    Exporting chart of accounts from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel can be done with ease. The source company file must be verified for data integrity issues before you begin to export QuickBooks chart of accounts.  This step is to ensure there are no errors or damages in the QuickBooks company file. This process will also help you to get rid of duplicates in QuickBooks.  You can export QuickBooks chart of account in Excel, CSV and in IIF (Intuit interchange format) format. Most of the QuickBooks users use Excel or CSV format to keep a record of their chart of accounts. importing IIF files in QuickBooks is more user-friendly.  QuickBooks desktop uses IIF file is a format which to import and export the data from or to the different platforms.

    The other excel file format shows an error when exporting data from QuickBooks. The data export errors in QuickBooks are caused due to a mismatch in the fields. The general fields are email, phone, items which are already in your QuickBooks and vice-versa.  You can dial our QuickBooks Support Number to have a QuickBooks certified technician to help you with this. You can the article hyperlink below which has steps to export QuickBooks chart of accounts to excel and related information.

    Exporting and importing with QuickBooks may be tricky at times, you need to be fairly conversant with Microsoft Excel.

    Article Link:


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  • Asked on December 22, 2018 in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Hello Malcom!

    Thanks for posting on our QASolved Community Forum.

    It might be possible that all the computers are not connected to the internet. Please ensure that:

    • All your computers have access to an internet connection with a speed greater than 28.8kbps.
    • All users have access to the shared directory.

    Since you’re saying that all your systems are running the same version of QuickBooks Premier 2017, then it is safe to continue with providing a shared update download to the secondary computers.

    • Open the same QuickBooks data file on each computer.
    • Navigate to the Help menu, and click on Update QuickBooks.
    • Select Options.
    • Make sure that the Download location is the same for all connected computers.
    • Click Yes.
    • Click Save.

    After you’re done, please proceed to perform the same procedure on all the connected computers. You should easily be able to update them now.

    If you aren’t sure of how to do this, or think you require professional assistance to figure it out, you can contact QuickBooks Support. They should be able to help you out.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Asked on August 7, 2018 in Banking.

    As per your question there could be several reasons why your QuickBooks online is unable to update bank transactions. It may happen due to a connection issue between your QuickBooks and the bank. Before proceeding the further troubleshooting, we can try to update the transaction manually. See how:

    • Login to your QB online account.
    • On left panel click on Banking.
    • Choose your bank account.
    • Click on Update button.

    We have another way of uploading the transactions manually. We can download the transactions from your bank in CSV or QBO format.

    For QuickBooks Desktop

    We need to follow the same procedure for QuickBooks Desktop as well. We just nee to ensure if we are still connected with bank to download the transactions automatically.

    For that, you can go chart of accounts and check your bank if you see a bolt sign next to your bank it means it is set up with your bank or you can right-click on your bank and click on edit details. Check if it setup with online services or not.

    You also need to ensure a few things:

    • Check if your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date with the latest release.
    • Please ensure your security software is not interrupting the download.
    • Check if you are able to update the transactions manually

    Adding your Bank:

    • Go to bank feeds center
    • Check if your bank is available on the left panel.
    • If not then please click on add and select the correct bank accordingly.
    • Enter your bank login ID and password to sign in.
    • Once this setup is done, you will be able to download the transactions.
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  • Asked on July 1, 2018 in QuickBooks Payroll.

    This kind of issue is pretty common while printing paychecks or printing any checks. This issue occurs due to several reasons.


      • Printer Settings are not correct


      • Printing options are set to print some specific page/way


      • Printer alignment/settings are not set correctly.



    There are specific solutions to specific problems. Please have a look at the below-mentioned solutions:


      • Try to rename QBPRINT.QBP


      • Check the style through which you are printing (voucher etc.)


      • Try to align the check settings.


    For Quickbooks online apart from printer, we have the browser specific settings that we can check:

    Steps to set up printer alignment in QuickBooks Online:


      1. Select Sales from the left menu.


      1. Select All Sales at the top.


      1. Open the Sales Form you would like to print.


      1. Choose Print or Preview at the bottom of the screen, then choose again Print or Preview.


      1. Select Print or the printer icon on the upper right side.


      1. Set up your printing alignment. To do that:
          • Set page scaling to none.


          • Select Choose Paper Source by PDF page size.


          • Under Orientations, choose Auto portrait/landscape.




      1. If you’re using Adobe 11.0, do the following:
          • Under Page Size & Handling, choose Actual Size.


          • Select Choose Paper Source by PDF page size.


          • Under Orientations, choose Auto portrait/landscape.




    We assure feasible support in a very short time. Call us on our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support.

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