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  • Asked on October 16, 2019 in QuickBooks Errors.

    Hi, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will be glad to help you resolve the “qbcfmonitorservice not running on this computer” issue. This error is usually caused by the qbcfmonitorservice, which is a service provided by Intuit. It is installed at the time when a user is installing QuickBooks into their system. This service helps users sync their data in a shared distributed network company file. There are lot of possible reasons that can contribute towards the occurrence of this error.

    The following are the factors that cause the qbcfmonitorservice not running on this computer error message to appear on your computer screen:

      1. A malware or virus has corrupted the QBCFMonitorService.exe


      1. There might be some errors in the registry file of windows related to QBCFMonitorService.exe


      1. Your QBCFMonitorService.exe has been deleted by mistakenly


      1. Your firewall might be blocking the QBCFMonitorService.exe


      1. There might some issue with the QuickBooks installation. It might not have been installed correctly.


    Now, to learn the procedure of getting rid of this error, you will need to read the following article: How to Fix QBCFMonitorService Not Running on This Computer

    If you are still facing the qbcfmonitorservice not running on this computer issue even after you have performed all the steps accurately as illustrated in the article then immediately contact our Certified Pro Advisor at 1-888-899-5690

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  • Asked on July 25, 2019 in QuickBooks Account Management.

    I understand the urgency of fixing this error as it is affecting your business, however, the error message “Unable to connect to remote server could be appearing on your system because of several reasons. Identifying these issues will help you find the root of the cause.

    The factors that contribute to the occurrence of this issue are:

      • QuickBooks Database Server is not able to communicate properly with the client computer.


      • QuickBooks Database server is not configured properly.


      • It is very likely that the Anti-virus software installed on the computer is blocking the incoming and outgoing ports.


      • There might be an issue with the permission of a user or a new update has made some changes to the profile.


      • The Local Area Network is lagging and hangs up for a few seconds.


    You may also visit the following article: QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server – An Introduction to know about the steps to resolve this issue.

    I hope I was able to answer your question and clear off some doubts. if you still have any query regarding the “Unable to connect to remote server” error then please contact our customer support team.

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  • Asked on February 5, 2019 in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Customizing form templates enables your business to save a lot of time as they contain pre-defined fields as per your business. It is a one-time job which makes it easier for you to create estimates, invoices, bills etc.

    Another benefit of customizing forms is that it allows you to add your logo and punchline that signifies your business. Furthermore, you can also choose the desired color combination that fits your brand.

    QuickBooks allows your business to customize Form Templates the way you need them to appear to your customers or vendors.  Since you are setting up a business in QuickBooks for the first time, you must ensure that you have ample time to do this.

     QuickBooks enables you to customize the following form templates:

      • Estimate


      • Invoice


      • Sales Receipt


      • Purchase Order


      • Sales Order


      • Credit Memo


      • Statement


    Step 1: Understanding the Template List

    The List of Templates in QuickBooks initially comes with a set of standard and pre-defined forms that you can use. It becomes very easier for you to modify an existing template rather than creating it from scratch. You can access this list by navigating to Templates from the Lists Menu.

    Step 2: Customizing Form Templates

      1. Navigate to the Template List


      1. Select the Template you wish to customize


    Below are the options you can utilize on the Customization Window:

      1. Managing Templates: This option lets you see the list of templates


      1. Add Logo: You can use this option if you want your business logo to appear on the forms


      1. Changing Fonts and Colors: This option allows you to change the way the text is displayed


      1. Company Information: This option lets you add your business contact information such as Address, Email, Phone Number, Website & Fax Number


      1. Additional Customization: This option will take you to another screen where you can modify or add headers


      1. Layout Designer: If you’d like to add or remove columns, resize the items and information


      1. Print Preview: At any point after making changes you can see how the form will appear to your customers/ vendors.



    You can also read: Customizing Forms in QuickBooks to know the above steps in detail. Alternatively, you can also call the QuickBooks Desktop Support Number to speak with a specialist who can assist you.

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  • Asked on December 8, 2018 in QuickBooks Company File.

    Hello Dwayne.

    Thanks for posting on the QASolved Community Forum. Hope you’re doing well.

    We are working under the assumption that you are running QuickBooks Online. It is quite possible to import bank transactions to your software using Excel CSV files. You can do so in two different formats, including:

    • 3-column format
    • 4-column format

    The 3-column format includes three distinct categories for date, description, as well as the amount.

    This is how it would look if you are following this format:

    Date Description Amount
    8/8/2019 PAYMENT HERE -3300$
    7/5/2019 DEPOSIT HERE 4000$

    The 4-column format includes four distinct categories for date, description, as well two separate columns for credit and debit.

    This is an example of this format:

    Date Description Credit Debit
    8/8/2019 PAYMENT HERE 3300$
    7/5/2019 DEPOSIT HERE 4000$

    Make sure you format them correctly for the import process. Any incorrect formatting could result in you receiving an error.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Asked on June 26, 2018 in Troubleshooting.

    Hi Thomas,

    Depending on the Operating System you might need to check the Windows File Sharing settings.

    The computer on which the company file is located should have Network Discovery turned on. Also, you would need to make sure that the password protection not turned on.

    Follow the below steps to correct the settings:


      1. Open Control Panel and go to Network Sharing Center


      1. Click on Change advanced sharing settings


      1. Expand the Profile


      1. In Network Discovery options, click on Turn on network discovery


      1. Then navigate to Password protected sharing, click on Turn off password protected sharing and Save the changes.


    You need to follow the same steps on the other computers where you would like to access QuickBooks Company File via Network Sharing.

    In some situations, if you have a Third Party Antivirus or Firewall application such as McAfee, Norton, Webroot etc., you might have to configure the settings according to the manufacturer’s manual and allow the Ports 8019, 56728, 55378-55382 and ensure Windows File sharing is not being blocked.

    Still, you are unable to fix Issue after using given solutions, quickly get in touch with our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support.

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  • Asked on June 26, 2018 in Error Messages.

    QuickBooks provides payroll updates to its subscribers, these updates have the most recent and accurate rates for the supported state, federal tax tables, tax forms, and payment options. It is very important to update your payroll to the latest version before creating paychecks or tax forms as there could be major changes in the tax rates by the government of a particular state.

    You can get the updates In QuickBooks by going to the Employees menu, then click on Get Payroll Updates. It is also recommended to restart  QuickBooks once the updates are installed.

    Still, you need help for creating payroll forms, quickly get in touch with our QuickBooks Error Support.

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