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  • Asked on October 15, 2019 in Banking.

    Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for reaching out to our community regarding this issue. However, before I guide you as to how to undo the reconciliation in QuickBooks Online there are some points that you will need to take into consideration:

      • Manually checking the reconciled transaction entries is better than the automated


      • Manual checkup of reconciled transactions has more probability of finding the errors and rectifying them easily, that is best accounting practice as well.


      • Manually undoing the reconciliation, you did have advantage of doing the changes in the reconcile opening balance, this will help you fix issues related to balances and most of the accountants and professionals do the same thing.


      • In your case as you already informed us, you did create an adjustment entry to square off the difference, that entry need to be found and deleted as that could cause issues.


    In order to know how to undo the reconciliation in QuickBooks Online, you should visit the following article: How to Reconcile Bank in QuickBooks Online – Step by Step Instructions.

    If you need more help regarding this issue then feel free to contact our expert ProAdvisor.

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  • Asked on June 26, 2019 in Error Messages.

    Greetings, first of all thanks for reaching out to our community and sharing your concerns, we would be glad to assist you in getting rid of the QuickBooks error 392, However First we will discuss what is QuickBooks error 392 and its causes.

    QuickBooks error 392 message generally appears on your screen while starting or shutting down your Windows and whilst you are installing any software or program. There might be several symptoms that you might experience like your computer crashing frequently or your windows operating system might start responding very slowly to mouse and keyboard commands upon the occurrence of this error. Identifying this error is quite easy as a pop-up stating QuickBooks error 392 will show up on your computer screen.

    There are several factors that contribute towards the occurrence of QuickBooks error 392, some these are:

      • Online banking transaction error.


      • Incomplete/improper installations.


      • Registry errors due to QuickBooks software.


      • A malware or virus might have infected your system.


      • Malicious files of QuickBooks.


      • Sometimes a new QuickBooks software change when installation or un-installation, corruption in a Windows registry.


      • Corrupted QuickBooks files & programs and Windows system files.


      • If QuickBooks files deleted by mistake or by another program.


    You can resolve the QuickBooks error Code 392 with the methods explained in the following article: How to Fix QuickBooks Error 392


    Hopefully, the aforementioned article helps you in understanding the QuickBooks Error Code 392. Alternatively, you can call QuickBooks Support Number for immediate diagnosis and resolution of any QuickBooks related error.

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  • Asked on October 11, 2018 in Payroll Reports.

    Hi Christina!

    Thank you for posting on our forum.

    We know the Payroll Service is important to every employer and will attempt to get it back on track as soon as we can. We wouldn’t want to cause a hold up on any payments. The most common cause for QuickBooks Error Code 30001 is an invalid service key you might be using. The steps to re-validate it is as follows:

    • In the menu bar, navigate to the ‘Employees’ option.
    • Click on ‘My Payroll Service’ and select the option to ‘Manage Your Service Key’.
    • From the resulting options, go to ‘Next’ > ‘Payroll Service key’
    • Verify it.
    • Click Next and check the option which says ‘I want to start right’.

    In case you are still unable to re-validate your service key information, there might be some corruption among your core files. Any confusion you face will be resolved by our QuickBooks Desktop Technical Support.

    This is one of the more easily resolvable issues, and I have no doubt that you should be able to fix it with ease.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Asked on October 11, 2018 in Error Messages.

    Hi Charles!

    Thank you for posting on our QuickBooks Community Forum. Hope you’re well.

    The maintenance service errors usually fall into the 15xxx series of QuickBooks Error Codes. They show up when you are trying to download an update for the Payroll Service.

    The first three things you should ensure are that you have a stable net connection which can smoothly download updates, you have administrator access provided to your account, and your Payroll Service subscription isn’t expired. Since you haven’t been specific about the error code you are receiving, I have provided you with a list of general fixes for the 15000 series of errors. Please note that these steps should only be performed by slightly advanced users who know what they are doing. In case you are unsure of yourself, do not attempt to perform them as they may result in more serious issues like data loss.

    • Make sure QuickBooks is digitally signed by Intuits. A digital certificate needs to be installed, as not having one might be causing the issue. Re-download the update, and attempt the installation again.
    • Make sure that your net connection is correctly configured for QuickBooks, as well as checking your browser settings.
    • Take care to configure your firewall for QuickBooks.
    • Your anti-virus could be recognizing the update as a virus and could be preventing the installation. Try and configure it.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Asked on August 10, 2018 in Account Management.

    We have so many methods in today’s time for operating a business along with advanced facilities and platforms where we can grow our business with the support of technology, and to do so we need to apply new business strategies. Great productivity and maximum output can be delivered with the help of better business strategies. In the current business world, QuickBooks is one of the most known and used business software, adding to this now we have QuickBooks cloud hosting facility.

    It delivers more what you expect and also provides ease of access.

    Support for QuickBooks Editions with Cloud Hosting

    QuickBooks is one of the most efficient and powerful business accounting software for SMB’s.

    There are different versions and variants for QuickBooks including desktop (Pro, premier, and enterprise) now QuickBooks online is also available which was much more accessible to end users.

    Keeping all the facilities provided by this program and its versions, there are few things deviations.

    As we know QuickBooks desktop version is not accessible to the end user while traveling and online users have a little difficult to perform all the tasks and access all the features which can be done on desktop versions.

    Cloud hosting is the best median between QuickBooks desktop version and QuickBooks online.

    It can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any system with the help of using your login details and perform all the tasks without any hassles as it would be entirely the same as desktop versions.

     It has advanced business management integrated, which gives it better functionality.


    Key features of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

    Your business gets plenty of benefits with our QuickBooks cloud hosting services. It provides you the ease of running your business smoothly with your accounts and finances on your fingertips as it is accessible everywhere even in your phone or tablet as well.

    • Quick and easy configuration
    • Accessible to you and your team
    • Multiuser access feature is available the same as your workplace.
    • It is a timesaver as it can be accessed from all the devices e.g. desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet.
    • Operating system compatibility (windows /mac)
    • Data security with automatic backups along with scheduled maintenances.
    • The dedicated team is available for the support for any concerns.
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