Can someone help me understand what is QuickBooks Audit Trail and how to use it?

I have been associated with a company for about two months as an Office Manager and have moderate expertise in using QuickBooks. Taking on additional responsibility as per the business requirements, I am supposed to review the QuickBooks transaction fed by 3 users from next month and correct the discrepancies and errors. While preparing for this new challenge, I came across Audit Trail in QuickBooks as a helpful tool. Before I start using it, a piece of comprehensive information is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, thank you reaching out to the community for this question. QuickBooks Audit Trail is a necessary tool to have when you lose a transaction that was present just a while ago. Take for instance, you are unable to locate a transaction anywhere; this is where QuickBooks Audit Trail comes in handy. Also, if you allow multiple users access to the QuickBooks company file, then the audit trail feature may help you to track all the transactions.

The Audit trail option enables you to keep a record of the users when they make changes to the QuickBooks data file. Audit trail reports give you a brief overview of all the historical transactions with the help of creating a log of each financial transaction as it is added, changed, or deleted. QuickBooks audit trail reports can help you in fixing discrepancies in bank account or credit card reconciliation.

In an older version of QuickBooks audit trail reports you could choose whether or not to enable it. The user had to turn it on manually if they wanted to enable it. However, after 2012, this feature has been auto enabled in the software.

Now, to know the process of using QuickBooks Audit Trail, you will need to read the following article: How to use Audit Trail for QuickBooks Desktop

In case you have any further queries regarding this topic or would like to know more about the  customization options in Audit trail reports, reach out to us. Our expert technicians will attend to all of your QuickBooks related requirements.

Answered on June 8, 2019.

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