QuickBooks Error code 80029c4a

I am not able to open my company file. I keep getting error code 80029c4a while opening QuickBooks. Please help!

Asked on December 4, 2018 in Error Messages.
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QuickBooks Error code 80029c4a is a common error that our callers complain about when using QuickBooks Desktop. There are a couple of different error messages that appear. As far as I know, that error has been patched out in the more recent versions of the software. It only shows inversions Desktop older than 2016. While the best suggestion would be to update your software to the latest years’ version (currently 2019), here are a few others that might help you out:

  • You can try to perform a clean reinstall of QuickBooks Desktop. This should prevent any future errors as well. This is really not recommended for newer users, though, since even a single mistake could cause the major loss of your data. If you are not sure of yourself, you should contact IT, professionals.
  • Open your current antivirus software, and check the quarantined files. This error is also caused by conflicts between your antivirus and QuickBooks. Simply remove them from quarantine, and move on with your work.

You may also contact the QB Desktop Support Number for a more personalized approach to solving your problem.

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Answered on December 6, 2018.

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