QuickBooks Error “Company File has been moved or deleted”

I am getting the error on my laptop that my company file has been moved or deleted . it happens every time I try to open the company file.

Asked on June 25, 2018 in Company File.
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You can get such error in 2 situations, Either the company file hosted on another computer and QuickBooks is unable to communicate with it. Or the company file on the same computer has been renamed or moved to a different folder.


You would need to check where exactly the company file is located by searching with the QBW extension on the computer where you possible think the file should be.


If you have found a lot of files in the search result then you would need to check for the most recently modified file and go to its Properties.


After checking the exact location of the file follows below steps from QuickBooks to open the file:

  1. On the No Company Open window, click on the Open or restore company option
  2. Now select Open a company file.
  3. Click Next and go to the folder where the file is located
  4. Click Open


In case the file is located on other computer then you would need to first go to Network, then the folder in which files are located and open it from there.

Answered on June 30, 2018.

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