How can I email from my QuickBooks Desktop?

I am satisfied with amazing features of QuickBooks Desktop. We are using it for close to a decade for our business accounting and surprisingly, I didn’t know that emailing directly from within QuickBooks saves a lot of time effort and it is possible. So Far, we create the invoices first, print them, then scan them and finally send as an email attachment to customers. Had I been familiar with how to email from QuickBooks directly? I could have been able to spent that time for something worthwhile. Anyways, I need more information and help for how to setup email in QuickBooks and gain benefits of QuickBooks Emailing Facility. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I am glad to see your post on our QuickBooks Community and that gives me an opportunity and immense pleasure to serve you today. Setting up email in QuickBooks is very trouble-free and can be configured in few minutes. You wouldn’t be putting twofold efforts any longer as emailing from QuickBooks desktop is alongside you now. Take a look at the benefits of QuickBooks Emailing and Requirements to setup QuickBooks Emailing.                  

Benefits of QuickBooks Emailing:

    1. Email Invoices, Estimates or anything directly from QuickBooks.


    1. Emailing Payment Reminders to your customers made easy.


    1. The customers and vendors information fetched automatically.


    1. Add more attachments up to 2 MB’s with emails.


    1. Sharing reports within offices or departments.


Requisites for QuickBooks Emailing:

    1. An existing or a new email address.


    1. Email username and password.


    1. Settings from your email service provider.


    1. Server Details of your service provider


QuickBooks Emailing Options:

You can setup QuickBooks Desktop emailing in different ways. All kind of emailing services are supported with QuickBooks Desktop as listed below.

    1. Web Email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)


    1. Microsoft Outlook.


    1. QuickBooks Email Service.


    1. Others (AT&T, Verizon, AOL etc.)


Besides this information, please go through the article for information that will help setup and configure QuickBooks Desktop for emailing. Patiently follow the steps and I hope that completely helps you. Cheers…!!!

How to Set up email in QuickBooks Desktop

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