How can I fix QuickBooks Error C=1304?

I have an accountant working for me for many years and I trust him, He has been telling me to Upgrade the QuickBooks 2016 to the latest QuickBooks 2019. I am above 60 years old and hesitant for new things if the old one is working fine, especially the computer software, So I have been ignoring him. Few days back I was in a local Electronic store to purchase the cartridges for my printers and I saw the Latest QuickBooks 2019 software disks on the shelf. I thought let’s upgrade now and accept the change. But As soon as I tried to install it on my computer it Won’t install and gives this error 1304. I had no idea about this error and I tried to search over the internet about how to Fix QuickBooks Error 1304, I did get many articles but I couldn’t understand what they were trying to tell me to do. I have also put in the whole error “Error 1304: Error writing to file [filename] verify that you have access to that directory” in Google but the resulting articles were not helpful, can anybody help me?

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Hi Sundia,

There could be several reasons behind QuickBooks Error C=1304, However before providing you a solution or a permanent fix for this issue, let me tell you more about this error and causes:

    • The first and major cause of this error is the problem in the CD or DVD drive attached to your computer. It is very likely that it is not reading the disk properly.


    • Sometimes Electronic stores sell the disk that somebody has already returned and has scratches or damaged media and content.


    • Another important reason is the .NET framework is not working properly or not compatible with the version of the software you want to install on the computer.



Most of the time if your scenario lies in one of the above and if you rectify it, will definitely fix the QuickBooks Error C=1304,  Still, if you have any doubts and questions regarding this in your mind, feel free to contact a trained technician of both Windows and QuickBooks called QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Answered on May 14, 2019.

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