How can I get rid of the QuickBooks error 61689?

I was trying to upgrade my QuickBooks pro edition from the 2016 version to the 2019 one but my program is unable to do so as the QuickBooks error 61689 message keeps appearing on my system. I have tried to repair the previous installation and that too is not working anymore. I need help in resolving this issue.

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Hello Cynthia, I appreciate the time and patience you put into resolving this issue. The QuickBooks error 61689 is a very normal error code that is faced by users while trying to install it. Damaged Framework .xml file causes the error to come during the installation process.

The following are the symptoms of QuickBooks Error 61689:

    • You will receive the error message “Windows Installation Error Code 61689″ on your screen.


    • Your computer works very slow and takes a while to obey to process commands given by the user.


    • When the dynamic programs of the computer crash, it displays the “Mistake 61689” message.


    • Your windows freeze upon receiving a command for some time.


The following are the factors that cause the QuickBooks error 61689 to occur:

    • You might have run the third party clean up tool which might have erased the “Windows installer” files from your computer which are recommended by many of the applications to work on.


    • Downloaded windows installer is corrupted or not completely downloaded due to slow speed internet or any break down in downloading.


    • Your computer might be infected with a virus which could have corrupted the Windows framework and its related documents.


    • There could be some changes made in the Windows registry which could have changed Windows Installer and its associated programs.


QuickBooks error 61689 can be caused by the number of components. It is very important for you to check each and every case so that to stop it from occurring again.

Now, if you would like to know the steps to resolve QuickBooks error 61689, you can read the following article: Resolve QuickBooks Error 61689

If you have any further queries regarding this issue, then feel free to contact the QuickBooks Desktop Support for clarifications.

Answered on June 15, 2019.

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