How to Fix Problems by Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists ?

I had heard from someone that by re-sorting lists we can resolve a lot of problems.

Asked on January 30, 2019 in QuickBooks Desktop.
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QuickBooks allows its users to enter the data like invoices, bills, purchase order and journal entries consists of a chart of accounts. Sometimes multiple charts of accounts are involved in creating journal entries and invoices.

QuickBooks Desktop for Windows provides the facility to store information like Customer jobs, Vendors, Other Names, Accounts, and items. All these data types are entries in the lists.

No matter how efficient is automatic data entry system is, the few human errors are very likely as while entering the data as a journal entry or creating an invoice or adding a new customer, vendor and employee the user tend to do small mistakes those make these data lists unstable and damaged.

These damaged lists could lead to an inconsistent database and wrong reports those are very harmful very any business, In QuickBooks Desktop for Windows there several scenarios where the data is not correct and provide an error while processing the data through a manual search or generating a report.

Reports are the mirror of the company’s progress and loss, reports help the decision maker whether it is owner or accountant to take important decision to showcase the progress of the company’s standings in the market. Imagine if the data pulling out in a particular report is wrong of incorrect the decision depends on the same will be wrong and could lead to a loss to the firm.

The data in these reports pulls out from lists do exist in QuickBooks Desktop, and in the case where these lists are damage or corrupted them sorting the lists solves the most of the issues related with data consistency.

Resorting QuickBooks lists can solve the below issues:

  • If in case the list appears out of order.
  • If new entries always show up at the top of the list.
  • Reports show items out of order.
  • If the user cannot turn on account numbers in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Highlighting a customer, vendor, or employee displays no transactions in the appropriate “Center.”
  • With Advanced Find, the name filter drop-down auto-fill doesn’t work properly.
  • The “quick-type” feature, where user tries to start typing a name while in a list, doesn’t seem to work in finding a list record.
  • If the user runs the Verify Data test from File and select Utility and get issues, however, every time only sorting the list would not solve the problem.

If any of the above-mentioned problems show up, the first thing to try is re-sorting the list. In the background it rebuilds the index however, it will not actually change any information in the list.

Please note the following:

  • Any QuickBooks User can re-sort a list if the user has access to that list. It doesn’t have to be the QuickBooks Admin user.
  • After user re-sorts a list, the user should close QuickBooks and then reopen it to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • QuickBooks allows the user to manually rearrange some lists, which people do for convenience. If the user re-sorts a list, the manual changes you made will be lost.

Masters name list

The master name list contains names for customers, vendors, and employees and another Names list that may occur.

 Chart of Accounts list

The user can re-sort of the Chart of Accounts list. Before going on to the steps, remember that QuickBooks re-sorts lists taking the first three digits of the Item or Account number. So, in case the user has multiple accounts or items listed, then the Chart of Accounts or Item List might be out of order numerically.

 Memorized Reports list

Memorized reports in QuickBooks helps the user in saving time. If the user customizes reports, then it needs to be memorized as well. The memorized reports list can also be re-sorted.

 Payroll Item List

Payroll Items are used while the user calculates wages for employees, their deductions & contributions.  These items can be used for multiple employees. The user might be required to report the payroll items if unable to track or view the payroll reports as per your expectations.

Answered on February 22, 2019.

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