Cannot deactivate Bank Feeds for an account in QuickBooks 2017

This morning when I was trying to deactivate Online Services of my Bank Account in QuickBooks 2017, it says “Unable to deactivate bank Feed”. Please help!!

Asked on January 2, 2019 in Banking.
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Hi David,

Good Morning

Even after a QuickBooks user try to deactivate online services of his/her bank account in the company file, the Bank Feed settings tab still remains available and the lightning bolt remain visible to appear in the Chart of Accounts. Below are the steps to fix this issue but make sure you must take a backup of your QuickBooks Company File:

 Solution 1: Re-arrange the Chart of Accounts in the company file.

    • Open QuickBooks Company File.


    • Go to Lists menu – Select Chart of Accounts or Press CTRL+A.


    • Put a check mark on include inactive box.


    • Go to Account tab – Select Re-Sort and Proceed with the screen.


Solution 2: Merge Old Bank Account into a new bank account.

    • Create a new bank account with the same name as old account with an asterisk (*) sign at the end.


    • Edit the old bank account in the file.


    • Put asterisk (*) sign at the end of old bank account name.


    • Click Save & Close.


    • It will prompt you to merge account.


    • Click Yes


Now try to deactivate the Online Services, if it fails please contact Tech Support

Solution 3: Another way to deactivate online services using Microsoft Excel.

    • Export your Chart of Accounts. Go to File menuUtilitiesExport – Choose Chart of Accounts – Click OK.


    • Save the file in a folder to the desktop.


    • Now open excel sheet and the *.IIF file in it.


    • Find the old bank account, at the end of the page look for !QBONLINE section where bank accounts are showing.


    • Change the Y to N for all online banking columns: OLBANKING, OLBILLPAY, OLENABLED, OLTAB.


    • Save the file.


    • Now import the excel file in the company file. Go to File menuUtilitiesImport – Select the *.IIF


    • Check the lightning bolt is gone or not, then try to set up Bank Feeds.


If you still face have issue, please contact QuickBooks Customer Service team.

All the Best!!!!

Answered on February 12, 2019.

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