How to delete budget in QuickBooks?

A few years ago we had setup budgeting in QuickBooks but unable to track it. Sometimes I noticed that the budget message kept coming while using the QuickBooks so now we decided to delete budget in QuickBooks. So just wanted to know do we have to keep it on or we can delete budget in QuickBooks.

Asked on April 9, 2019 in Company File.
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Welcome to our QuickBooks Community and thanks for posting regarding the information on steps to how to delete budget in QuickBooks. Its best practice is to preplan the budgeting at the beginning of the business. The reports in QuickBooks can merely help you with income and expenses. But a predefined budget in QuickBooks can help you with macro-level insights and planning. Before you go ahead to delete budget in QuickBooks, it’s better to analyze the preexisting one first. However, to create a fresh one the previous year budget in QuickBooks has to be deleted.

I would recommend having our QuickBooks ProAdvisor to take a look at it and suggest that suits your business the best. QuickBooks budgeting tool really helps you with the optimum business analytics and therefore the decision making.

Once you have successfully set up a budget in QuickBooks, you can easily have an overview of the historical growth of your business. The goal and financial planning would be realistic for the forthcoming years to ensure bottom-line profitability. Most Significantly, you can compare your business with the existing industry trends to stay updated and ahead.

Delete budget in QuickBooks

  • Click on ‘Company’
  • Select ‘Planning & Budgeting’
  • Click on ‘Set Budget’.
  • Click on ‘Budget drop- down’ Option and choose the spending/budget you need to delete.
  • If necessary, then indicate the Class or
  • Now click on ‘Edit Menu’ and select ‘Delete’
  • Next Click on ‘Yes’ when it’s prompt.

Hope this helps to set up the budgets and its related services.

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Answered on April 10, 2019.

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