How to import accountant changes in QuickBooks?

Hi, I am a QuickBooks user for a long time. Earlier our accountant used to come to evaluate our books in our office. We used to send him a copy of the file on a flash drive whenever required to his office. For the first time we sent an accountant’s copy through emailed it for changes to be made. However, I received the Accountant’s Copy and I didn’t take the guidelines from my CPA on How to import the Accountant Changes in QuickBooks. My CPA is out of country for holidays and I won’t be able to get in touch with him for 2 weeks. Can someone help with the steps to import accountants copy in my QuickBooks. Thank You.

Asked on April 16, 2019 in QuickBooks Errors.
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Hello Cindy,

Thanks for your post. I am glad to help you with this. Whatever the methods to send the accountants copy and import accountant’s changes you use, importing changes are normally similar. It is important to import the Accountants changes into QuickBooks because the information won’t get updated. Not only this you can’t send accountants copy till the time the previous changes are not imported. I have mentioned the basic steps to import the accountant’s changes in QuickBooks below. If you somehow you can’t import accountant’s copy in QuickBooks Desktop. Call our QuickBooks Support Desk for help to resolve the error and unexpected results when importing accountant’s changes.

To Import Accountant Changes in QuickBooks

    1. Before you Import the accountant’s changes, Backup QuickBooks company file.


    1. Open-File Menu and choose to Send Company File


    1. Under the Submenu, select Accountants copy followed by Client activities.


    1. Now choose Import Accountant’s Changes from file


    1. Browse to the location that contains the QuickBooks Accountant’s copy (.QBY).


    1. After you review the changes made by the accountant and import it if there is no discrepancy.


    1. You can select to save PDF file or take a print in order to keep a record.


    1. Click on Yes, if you wish to create a closing date password.


That is all and I hope that helped. You can always get in touch with us if you have problems or getting errors while importing accountant changes in QuickBooks.

FOR SUPPPORT CALL @ 1-888-660-0582

Answered on April 18, 2019.

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