I am not able to print or save PDF I my QuickBooks. How do I fix it?

I print and email Invoices the most from QuickBooks on daily basis and the other stuff when needed. I normally email invoices directly from QuickBooks. In some cases, I make PDF’s when more attachments have to be sent to the customers along with an Invoice through outlook. None of the option is working today and I can’t figure out why? I have same issues printing a report from QuickBooks when I tired, assuming it a problem with particular invoices. It is probably something else that QuickBooks not Printing or save PDF. Can someone help me troubleshoot PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks. Thanks

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Hi Lynelle,

We Appreciate you for letting us know your troubles printing and saving PDF’s from QuickBooks. Let’s move on the with the information that will help you with all your necessities in order to resolve QuickBooks Printing and PDF issues on your own. These errors are largely caused when Microsoft Document writer pre-installed on Windows 10,8/8.1 and 7 computers are unresponsive or have gone corrupt. This Microsoft component does that bridges printing and emailing QuickBooks transactions.

In many cases, I have seen QuickBooks Printing, emailing and PDF issues have other origins too. Those need a manual diagnosis in order to resolve the QuickBooks Printing Problem. These factors can lead to additional issues in the same purview as mentioned below.

  • QuickBooks can’t print to a printer.
  • QuickBooks Crashes while printing.
  • QuickBooks Error 1801.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t save PDF.
  • QuickBooks Can’t send emails.
  • QuickBooks stops working when printing.
  • QuickBooks freezes while printing or saving.
  • QuickBooks issues connecting to the printer.
  • QuickBooks not connecting to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  • Missing XPS Printer Driver.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t print to a printer and QuickBooks print command routes to null.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t convert to pdf file because of XPS Writer.
  • QB doesn’t convert to print due to communication issues.
  • QuickBooks Software doesn’t save your form or reports as a .pdf due to damaged components.
  • QuickBooks freezes while saving pdf for synching issues.
  • QB freezes when printing due to unresponsive XPS port.
  • Unrecoverable error while printing from QuickBooks desktop for file readability issues.
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Error 14982 50172
  • PDF Converter Activation Error -20, -30 in QuickBooks
  • Error 1722 or 1801 was ignored while installation.
  • Unrecoverable error with the code 15064 06798
  • Cannot communicate with the company file.
  • Missing QuickBooks PDF component.
  • QuickBooks unable to complete the printing action due to missing components.
  • Print host driver problems in QuickBooks.
  • QB PDF Converter Activation Error.
  • QuickBooks is not able to print directly to pdf converter.

For all these errors in QuickBooks, QuickBooks pdf and print repair tool can cure them all. If the problem still persists after running the QuickBooks pdf and print repair tool, click article hyperlink for more information.

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Answered on April 15, 2019.

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