How to Resolve the “QuickBooks Payroll Failed to Send Usage Data” Error?

While trying to submit Payroll for my employees it does not complete the process and says that it failed to send usage data.

Asked on January 29, 2019 in QuickBooks Payroll.
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Hi Kathy.


QuickBooks fails to send data to Intuit. This error comes when you are trying to send data to Intuit. The main reason why this error occurs because of “time” settings. Because QuickBooks uses NTP (Network Time Protocol) Protocol to synchronize your data with QuickBooks. So, if your computer date and time settings are incorrect it cannot upload the data to in the Intuit QuickBooks server, reason because they will recognize the computer as a bad unidentified device. So, we need to make sure our system data and time settings are correct so, that Intuit can recognize our computer.

To check the date and time zone setting you need to go to Control Panel. In the control panel window, you need to find out date and time setting. In the date and time setting window, you need to select the Change Time Zone. In the time zone setting, you need to make sure correct time zone is selected for me it is (UTC-8:00 Pacific USA & Canada is) if you are living in any other state like Mountain or Central you can select that or else for better understanding you can call us.

Steps how to Fix Failed to send Usage Data error

Step 1: To fix QuickBooks Failed to send usage data error you need to Update QuickBooks Payroll.

    1. Go to Employee from the top menu bar.


    1. Once you see the drop-down list Click on Get Payroll Update.


    1. After that it will give you a new pop up window, here you need to click on Update.


    1. This update process will take some time. Once it’s done close your QuickBooks and Reboot the Software.


Step 2: Activate Service key

    1. From the top menu bar, you need to select the Employee.


    1. In the employee drop down options you need to select My payroll service then click on Manage Service key option.


    1. Once you see Service key window Click on Edit and uncheck the box then click on finish.


    1. This will send your service key for Activation.


    1. After that you need to go back to the main screen Click on Employee, then My Payroll Service then clicks on Send usage data.


Step 3: Check if there is any Accountant Copy Exist.

    1. If you have accountant copy exist in your QuickBooks Remove the restrictions or else you can wait until your accountant sends you the company file returned back. But if you still want to work on the company file you need to ask your accountant first.


    1. Once the Restriction removed from the company file Now try to send it to Intuit.


    1. Note: If the error still persists, then delete all the online transactions.
        1. Click on edit from the top menu bar.


        1. After that, you need to click on find or press (ctrl+f).


        1. Once you click on the Advanced tab. In the Advanced filter tab.
            1. Go to the Drop-down menu and select the filter detail level then select Summary Only.


            1. Then move to the drop-down menu, here select the filter online status and then select Online to send.







    • After that, you need to select filter posting status and chose either.



    1. Once you walk through all the Options Step by step then click on the find button from the right-hand side corner of the finder screen.


    1. Once it is done you need to review the results.
        1. If there are any non-payroll transactions, proceed them.


        1. After that, you need to find any paychecks if there is any, delete them and try to send it to Intuit.


        1. Once it’s done recreate the paychecks and try to send it to Intuit.




Answered on February 20, 2019.

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