How to download bank transactions in QuickBooks?

I need to add a bank account in QuickBooks and import bank transactions, how do I do that?

Asked on January 11, 2019 in Banking.
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Hi Robert,


Here, the following points which will describe the procedure of “How to download bank transactions into QuickBooks Desktop”.

  • Login to QuickBooks with your credentials which is must to open the file.
  • From the Banking option on the top menu click on the transactions.
  • In the transaction window, you have to input your account details which are necessary to connect to primary and auxiliary accounts aligned with your business.
  • Then you choose the account you want to connect with.

Note: You will get the multiple options on the windows to choose for but you need to sure, to choose the recent transactions.

All your transactions with the time period of 90 days will be downloaded on your desktop. However, the time that has been set is not rigid. If you wish so, you can change the settings and choose a shorter time for the transactions.

Now from the list of the transactions and check and find the where and which account the type of transaction will hit.

With the same method, you can use it for your personal account as well on the same file or you can create the new file for you. However, opening the New company file for your personal data so that you can handle both the data separately and don’t mix up. Keep both the accounts separate yet accessible.

Some of the banks don’t support transactions to get downloaded directly to the QuickBooks, so you might have to upload your transaction sheet in CSV format or as the web connect to the QuickBooks. It is also useful for those who wanted to work offline without connecting QuickBooks to the banks directly.

Once you finish the work, thus relax and if wanted you can log off for the day. Your transaction and data have been protected by encryption and could not be lost even with the worst Conditions.

QuickBooks as the accounting software is very easy to use. It will help you get all the relevant details you need in the form of reports, for daily, monthly and yearly transactions and allows your business to run smoothly without a hitch.

Answered on February 19, 2019.

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