Quickbooks leads to unrecoverable error while trying to import Accountant changes

I was trying to import changes from the file provided by my accountant but it crashes the quickbooks and shows unrecoverable error.

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There can be several reasons why you are getting the unrecoverable error.

  The major causes of QuickBooks unrecoverable error:


    1. The company file has data damages


    1. The Accountant changes file is damaged


    1. QuickBooks release is not updated to the latest version


    1. PDF Reader is unable to load while displaying the accountant changes import summary


Few solutions that can help you resolve QuickBooks unrecoverable error code


    1. Reopen QuickBooks and try to import again


    1. Rebuild the company file for any transaction related issues


    1. Re-sort the item and account lists in QuickBooks file


    1. Delete memorized transactions and reports (if any)


    1. Manually install the Latest QuickBooks release


If above solutions do not help you resolve such problem, then you might have to remove the restrictions in your file, then rebuild the file again, then recreate accountant changes copy and send it to your accountant again. However, there might be scenarios where consulting a QuickBooks ProAdvisor can assist you to solve the problem without the need for re-creating the account changes.

Answered on June 21, 2018.

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