Unable to find company file after upgrading QuickBooks Enterprise

We upgraded to QuickBooks Enterprise today but we are unable to see the company file in the list.

Asked on June 27, 2018 in Company File.
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If you just got the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop, then please follow the steps provided to upgrade or convert your company file easily. There could be several reasons for that. When we upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise, it also updates the information files and related files where the previous file location is saved. In order to find and upgrade the previous files, we can follow the below mentioned

  • Open your new version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go the File menu and then select Open or Restore Company.
  • Select Open a company file then click on Next.
  • Highlight your data file then click on Open.

If the ‘Move Company File’ window appears, follow the instructions shown.

  • Read the info in the Update Company File for New Version pane. Check the box to signify you understand then choose Update Now.
  • Follow the instructions on how to backup your file. remember where you saved the file.
  • When You are about to open a company, file using a newer version of QuickBooks…Do you want to continue? appears, select Yes.
  • (Recommended) Once the file is updated save the backup you created in a safe location until you are certain you won’t need it again.
  • If the file was copied from a different computer, create a copy of the file in the computer it was initially copied from.
  • If you cannot find your data file in its original location or in the specified folder, search your hard drive for *.QBW files. See Display hidden files and folders or search for files using Windows for more information.

Things you need to know before upgrading to QuickBooks enterprise.

  • Only the Admin user can update the QuickBooks company file.
  • Upgrading the company file over a network is not recommended.
  • Once updated/converted, a company file cannot be opened in previous versions.
  • Pro/Premier files that are upgraded/converted to Enterprise editions can no longer be opened in Pro/Premier.
  • Enterprise company files only work in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise editions.

if you need help with any of these solutions or if the issue does not get fixed, you can seek expert technical assistance at our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number 1-877-263-2742.

Answered on July 1, 2018.

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