Unrecoverable Error With QuickBooks Multi-user or Network Environment

We are using Quickbooks Premier 2018 5 users license, 3 users are able to login but the other 2 are not due to unrecoverable error message

Asked on June 11, 2018 in QuickBooks Errors.
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I have been using QuickBooks from quite a few years now, we had a similar problem with one of our computer. There can be several reasons as there are various error codes with QuickBooks unrecoverable error. You can follow below steps either yourself if you are technically good else you can have an expert do it for you.

Before you proceed, you need to ensure that QuickBooks is up to date on all the computers, as all the computers should have the latest release installed. Also, I would suggest that you create a backup.

  1. Try to delete and re-create the affected user
  2. Try to open a Sample File on the computer in concern
  3. Run the reboot.bat file from QuickBooks folder
  4. Move the Company File to a different folder and share it again

If after following the above steps QuickBooks unrecoverable error still persists.

Follow below advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve QuickBooks unrecoverable error:

  1. Repair QuickBooks from Control Panel
  2. Reinstall Microsoft.Net Framework
  3. Install Windows updates if available
  4. Repair Microsoft MSXML component
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ component

Before you try to do the advanced troubleshooting yourself, it is always recommended to involve a technical expert to avoid spending a long time or making any mistake. you can also enter an adjustment however you should consult to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor before you do it.

Answered on June 16, 2018.

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