We had a change of ownership and I need to change info in merchant account. How do I change the EIN in the merchant account and owner info

We have created a new company in QuickBooks and imported necessary info to the new company. I need to update my merchant account info, but it will not allow me to because the old EIN and company info is there. How do I update the merchant account to reflect the new EIN, owner and new bank account info?

Asked on January 2, 2019 in Customer Management.
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Greetings Meagan!!!

We understand that you would like to change the ownership in the merchant account, normally following below would help to update the information, however, the best option is to call the toll free number to update the information.

Please follow the below steps to update the merchant account information

  1. Open any browser
  2. Clear the caches and cookies
  3. Log in to your Merchant service account
  4. Select accounts profile by going to account
  5. Click on the deposit account information section,
  6. Edit the page. (Don’t see the edit button, click add a bank account)
  7. Enter the phone number to receive the confirmation code. (Enter a mobile number which you access)
  8. Receive confirmation code on the mobile number mentioned by you
  9. Enter the confirmation code and submit.
  10. Mention the new routing and account number.
  11. Check the entered number is right or not
  12. Mention change of account details by clicking on drop option and submit.

Note: Need to mention the reason for the change of account information for processing the request.

If the information is not updated, please feel free contacting by clicking https://qasolved.com/contact for the real-time support.

Answered on February 15, 2019.

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