Where can I find the Icon for QuickBooks Database Server Manager? I want to use QuickBooks on two computers?

I want to use QuickBooks from one more computer in our office. I read it somewhere that this can be done with QuickBooks Database Server Manager. I searched the whole computer and couldn’t find it’s Icon to explore more about it in order to set the things up as per my needs. Is Database Server Manager part of QuickBooks Software or installed separately? Can someone help a little bit on this? Thanks.

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Hi Linda,


Hi, your post is extremely appreciated. The piece of information that you read about the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is absolute. You can’t access QuickBooks company file from multiple computers the way that works for other programs on Local Area Network. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is the integral component of QuickBooks that makes QuickBooks multiuser work. All you need to decide is which computer will host the company file. The Company file ideally recommended being stored on the local Drive of the host/server computer.

QuickBooks host/server computer can be swapped anytime is required. All you need is to copy the QuickBooks Company file on the new computer before you do it. Also take a look at the prerequisite’s setup QuickBooks in multiuser mode.

  1. The computers to access the company file should be hooked to wired or wireless Local Area Network.
  2. The Windows File Sharing and Networking settings should be configured for Network Communication.
  3. All the computers names should be visible to each other over the Network.
  4. The LAN communication should be tested with the Ping command.
  5. You should be able to access all the shared network resources.

Once the all this is good to go, configure company file hosting in QuickBooks Database Server Manager to be used in multiuser mode. For detailed information please click the Article Link below.

Answered on May 13, 2019.

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