Why am I getting Error 15240 while updating my QuickBooks Payroll?

We pay our employees once a month using QuickBooks Payroll service for 18 employees. To ensure the right amount of taxes to be calculated on the paychecks. We cautiously update QuickBooks payroll to the latest tax table released a day prior to the payroll processing to avoid the glitches. I have tried to update 3-4 times but the Payroll Update Error 15240 occurs. I spoke to our IT person who occasionally visits our office premises or on-demand about the same. I shut the computer down and our wireless router for a minute and restarted them both as suggested. Even though the QuickBooks Error code 15240 with description “The payroll update did not complete successfully” still occurs. I have a breathing space till tomorrow afternoon to process the payroll before the deadline. I have tried all whatever I could find searching the internet and that didn’t help me get rid of QuickBooks Error 15240. Can someone share the information about the causes and resolution of Payroll Update Error Code 15240? Thanks, in anticipation.

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Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting a question. I will most defiantly help you fix Payroll Update Error 15240 in your QuickBooks to process you Payroll and get your employees paid on time. The basic troubleshooting you initiated was very well suggested by your IT person that unfortunately didn’t work. Issues doing QuickBooks Payroll updates can majorly be caused due to Internet connection error: unknown error. Error 15240 in QuickBooks can also be a consequence of other glitches and must be identified.

Having tried one of the most basic steps to fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15240 that didn’t work. Let me give you a checklist of more causes to ease out the process to troubleshooting Payroll Error Code 15240.

More Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240

    • Your QuickBooks desktop isn’t running on the latest release.


    • Not logged in as a Windows administrator or QuickBooks Admin user.


    • An active Shared download setting.


    • QuickBooks may be running in multi-user mode.


    • QuickBooks registry values may have gone corrupt.


    • Folder Permission issues not letting updates to download or install.


    • A firewall or security software blocks QuickBooks Payroll Downloads.


You can align your troubleshooting on the basis of the checklist of the causes mentioned above. For detailed information and steps to resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 15240, please follow the article link placed underneath. Hope this helps.

Article Link: How to Remove QuickBooks Error 15240

Answered on May 15, 2019.

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