Why am I receiving the QuickBooks Error 1016 while entering credit card information in QuickBooks?

I have been using QuickBooks for a while now and have never faced any issues with this application until today. While operating on QuickBooks I received a QuickBooks error 1016 message. I received this error message while I was trying to enter the information of my credit card in QuickBooks so that I won’t have to enter transactions manually in it. I called my bank regarding this error and they told me that this issue can only be resolves by a QuickBooks support technician. So, can anyone tell me about this error and how to get rid of it without losing any data. Thanks in advance.

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We completely understand the level of frustration that you must be experiencing. Adding bank feeds in QuickBooks is a basic feature which makes things easy for you and not the other way around. However, you don’t have to worry if you are receiving the QuickBooks Error 1016 message as we will help you deal with it and provide you with more information regarding this error.

QuickBooks Error 1016 is an online banking error. There are many reasons behind its occurrence. The TLS settings might not have been configured properly, your company file might be damaged, or the Bank server might be unreachable. QuickBooks Error 1016 is a bank feed error that might be caused due to an inactive bank account.

The reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 1016:

    • The user might be using an inactive bank account enabled for QuickBooks banking transactions.


    • Issues with the users’ bank. They might have changed their direct connect, service offerings or web connection. QuickBooks has not updated the changes made in the user’s bank name.


    • Problem while downloading or importing files.


    • A discontinued version of QuickBooks Desktop might also create a problem in the banking transaction.


    • Problem with the internet connection may also be a reason for the error to occur.


    • There might be issues with one or more QuickBooks account in the company file.


To resolve this error please click on the following link which will redirect you to an article which illustrates the steps of resolution: How to fix QuickBooks Error 1016?

I would also recommend you to reach one of the QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor to save your time and make yourself worry free of data loss or any trouble.

Answered on June 24, 2019.

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