Fix QuickBooks Installation Error in Windows and Mac

quickbooks installation error

There is a common problem that the users might face while installing QuickBooks for Windows and Mac. Furthermore, the program does not start or just partially appears after clicking on the QuickBooks Desktop icon. There can be many reasons for QuickBooks installation error to occur. Interruption during the download process, a problem with the network connection may also be the reasons for the error to occur.

This article will discuss the reasons for the error to occur and how it can be fixed. Users can also get help from the qualified personnel of QuickBooks to fix the issue.

Reasons for QuickBooks Installation Error (Windows and Mac)

The causes for the issue to occur are mentioned below.

  • Incorrect method to open a particular file types
  • Use of improper extension, file names or data corruption
  • Use of incorrect version of QuickBooks to open files, programs, folder or encrypted files
  • Opening QuickBooks multiple times by double clicking on it would prevent company file from opening
  • Problem with the reports and other windows within the file

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Installation Error for Windows

Here are a few solutions to fix the installation error with windows.

Solution 1: Close the QBW32.exe process

  • Open Start Task Bar by right clicking on the windows taskbar
  • Click on Processes
  • To sort on alphabetically click on Image Name Header
  • Now choose exe and click on end process

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Solution 2: Use QuickBooks diagnostic test

  • Download and install QuickBooks diagnostic tool
  • Run QB diagnostic tool
  • After the process is complete, restart the computer system. This will update all the components of QuickBooks files and repair them.

Solution 3: Suppress the QuickBooks Application

  • Right-click on QuickBooks desktop icon
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key and then choose Open
  • Hold it until no company window is open

Solution 4: Restarting the computer system

Restating the computer system would bring it back to scratch. It would not save any changes made to QuickBooks, This will reset the setting to the original. After restarting the computer system try to open QuickBooks.

Solution 5: Repair QuickBooks Installation

Repair QuickBooks Installation to replace all the damaged installation files of QuickBooks. This will remove all the corrupted files and fix the issue.


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Solution 6: Re-register the QuickBooks components

Run rebot.bat to re-register QuickBooks related .DLL and .OCX files in windows.

Solution 7: Perform a clean installation

Re-install QuickBooks. The files exist in the same default folder location. Reinstalling QuickBooks will remove all the error and give a fresh start to the application.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Installation Error for Mac

The steps to resolve the issue with Mac has been discussed below. Run them to get the problem fixed.

  • Open MacBook Pro
  • Click on File and then choose Utility
  • Under Utility, find the Verify data
  • It will show No Problems Detected
  • Then Restart the MacBook Pro

These steps would help in resolving the QuickBooks installation error with Microsoft Windows and Mac. If not, then communicate with QuickBooks Help Desk available 24*7 at QuickBooks Error Support Number.

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