Ways to Use QuickBooks Online Mobile App

Quickbooks Online Mobile App

QuickBooks Online is a great software to work on whether you are on the move or usually operate from a fixed place. The software makes it convenient to access the company’s financial data from the desktop or laptop provided you have an active internet connection.

It is convenient to access your company’s financial data from a desktop/ laptop, and at times you can work without a full-fledged browser or even without logging into QuickBooks. Let’s see how to get started with QuickBooks Online Mobile app.

Get started with QuickBooks Online Mobile App

Once you download the QuickBooks Mobile app and sign in with QB Online username & name then perform the below steps:

  • The home page will be visible on your screen (you can see two vertical sections here and can look through back and forth between them)
  • Select “Activity” option to view recent actions/transactions.
  • Press on the “Horizontal lines to view the main menu

To add customers, invoices, sales receipts:

  • Click on the (+) sign (Additionally, you can enter new transactions from each list screen)

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How to Add Transactions in QuickBooks Online Mobile App?

The user interface is different in the QuickBooks mobile app and the full versions of applications accessed through a browser. However, it is effortless to understand QuickBooks Online app’s interface.

To Add transactions:

  • On the app’s “New Expense” screen – click the picture of the receipt
  • To add total manually in the field on the right side – click on Buttons “Credit, Check, & Other” to indicate the purchase type.

Describe the expense by clicking on one of the labels

For example– if you click on “Who did you pay”?

  • The list of “Payees” gets open
  • Select “One or Add” a new one.
  • Click the “Billable” button (if the expense will be charged to a customer)
  • Select the “Add a split” option to separate some of the items
  • Click “Save” to add the entry to the main QB Online file.

How to locate/view existing information QuickBooks Mobile App?

You can anytime view the existing information that is present in QuickBooks Online. It is quite easy and straightforward to find records & transactions present in the browser-based version or on QuickBooks mobile app.

You can view the journey of an “Invoice” through some steps. QuickBooks Online prompts you to finish the steps and complete the process. To edit data appearing on the screen, you need to click on the upper right corner.

Important: You need to be careful while editing transactions, as any mistakes or errors, can lead to discrepancies.

QuickBooks Online app is quite user-friendly with an easy to understand interface and helpful features. With the app, you have all the elements in front of to operate at any given time. In case you are curious to get more info on the features, benefits and any operating procedures, it is best to talk to a technical expert at QuickBooks Online Support Number.

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