Ways To Fix QuickBooks Export Option for Excel Grayed Out

QuickBooks Export Option for Excel Grayed Out

QuickBooks is a well-known and well-designed accounting program with a wealth of sophisticated capabilities. This software is a godsend for entrepreneurs all around the world. QuickBooks has tried to resolve faults that may develop in its software on several occasions. Frequently reported mistakes on QuickBooks Export to Excel now no longer functioning. QuickBooks Export faces error like QuickBooks not Exporting to Excel or the Export Option for Excel Grayed Out in the reports menu 

QuickBooks Export Option for Excel Grayed Out

Variety of circumstances caused the failure of QuickBooks export to Excel. When the functioning aspects of the QuickBooks Freeze When Exporting to Excel 2007, or when a simple re-installation fails to resolve the problem, uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop can help. Ultimately, this procedure is QuickBooks Clean Install.

When exporting files from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel, the cursor rotates for an unknown period of time. QuickBooks Excel Could not Open the Data File. As a result, software stops or crashes without making any progress. It can happen for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Microsoft Office is incompatible with the QuickBooks version. Other causes include corrupted QuickBooks or MS Office installations, or an issue with the data files themselves. This post will walk you through all of the options for correcting problems. “When exporting to Microsoft Excel, Export Option for Excel Grayed Out.” Moreover, you were able to complete the export procedure from QuickBooks to MS Excel without interruption.

Export Option for Excel Grayed Out

Possible Reasons that Evoking QuickBooks Freezes at some point of Exporting to Microsoft Excel

When exporting a file from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel, you will confront a variety of difficulties. QuickBooks freezes while exporting to Microsoft Excel is one of the errors that result as a result of this. Let’s have a look at the causes of the error:

  • There is a problem with the software’s compatibility.
  • Software installation broken.
  • There are problems with your report or with the files themselves.
  • Microsoft Excel isn’t installed
  • MS Excel has been damaged
  • File Registry is not working after installing MS Excel across a network

QuickBooks vs Excel

Microsoft Excel is a well-known spreadsheet tool that was first released over 30 years ago. This utility is dubbed the “general spreadsheet”. It is one of the maximum extensively applied with inside the company sector. In Excel, you may enter data in rows and columns and organize, arrange, and finally compute it using equations.

QuickBooks, on the other hand, is an accounting software developed by the corporation Intuit. On the contrary, Excel is a spreadsheet tool used for a variety of purposes such as database administration, accounting, project management.  In the same manner, QuickBooks is just for accounting. In addition, it has all of the necessary capabilities for businesses to handle sales and costs, track daily transactions, send invoices to clients, and much more.

Unable to Export Data from QuickBooks to Excel without QuickBooks freezing?

Solution 1: QuickBooks Software Updating

QuickBooks runs fast when the software is up to date. If you face error in exporting to Excel then the following actions must be followed to update the program. As a result, remove the error of QuickBooks not exporting to Excel.

QuickBooks Software Updating

  • Start the program on your PC
  • To update, go to the main menu and select ‘update.’
  • Check if the problem still exists after completing the update procedure.
  • Check to see whether your internet connection is reliable.
  • Follow the steps in our article How to Update QuickBooks Desktop 2022 to the Latest Released Version for additional information. 

Solution 2: Disable Windows User Account Control Settings for a while

Windows User Account Control settings are supposed to safeguard your system from undesirable risks, often mistake QuickBooks and its related processes for a security danger and prevent part or all of the user’s operations in QuickBooks. We’ll temporarily disable Windows UAC settings in this troubleshooting step and see whether it fixes the problem.

  • Search for UAC in the Windows Start menu.
  • Change the settings to Never Notify by clicking the Change User Account Control Settings option.
  • Restart your device via way of means of clicking at the given option.
  • Check if the Export to Excel format problem is fixed.
  • If the issue persists, proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

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Solution 3: Try to Export using the Correct Method

Excel has stopped working

Using the improper technique to export an Excel file might potentially cause problems. To avoid mistakes, use the typical method for exporting Excel files from QuickBooks.

  • Select Transactions from the Transaction Pane in the Customer Center.
  • Choose a transaction from the Transactions list for the transaction journal.
  • Select a transaction journal.
  • Create a new worksheet and export it to Excel by tapping the Excel button. Make sure you open the Item List first, followed by your report.
  • Choose List and then Item List from the drop-down menu.
  • From the Report Menu, choose and open the report you wish to open.
  • Then choose the Email option, followed by the Export to Excel option.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Excel or Email as an Excel Form

Solution 4: Repair Microsoft Excel on your Windows Computer

Because the error is connected to an Excel file, it’s evident that a problem with Microsoft Excel’s installation might cause the problem detailed in this article. Try fixing the MS Excel installation before giving in to the issue. For more information on how to fix Microsoft Excel, see Microsoft’s article Repair an Office Application.


QuickBooks Desktop and double-check the MS Office requirements for QuickBooks Desktop to run effectively.

Solution 5: Disable UAC before Exporting to Excel in QuickBooks

If implemented with strict policies, Windows User Account Control can impose several limitations. To repair the export to Excel problem in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the procedures below and update the UAC settings.

Go to the Control Panel and type User Account Control into the top-right search field.

From the list of options, choose UAC (User Account Control) and set the slider to never notify.

The changes have made then retry to export an Excel file from QuickBooks 

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Get our expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor on call to resolve your query in no-time.

Solution 6: Toggle the Windows UAC Settings

UAC (User Account Controls) settings toggled on and off in Windows 7, 8, and 10. This will clear anything that has been preventing you from using the Excel export capability.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Start menu in Windows.
  2. In the search box, type User Account Control Settings.
  3. On your screen, the User Account Control Settings window will appear.
  4. Choose a slider.
  5. Change the setting to Never Notify.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Start the computer again.

Open QuickBooks again after completing the steps above and attempt Export Option for Excel is Grayed Out. You should now be able to do this assignment without difficulty.

We attempted to cover all you need to know about the QuickBooks crashes while exporting to excel in this article. We hope that after reading the article and following the procedures outlined therein, you will be able to fix this issue on your own. If you’re still having trouble solving the problem, or if you’re having trouble following the instructions above, we recommend speaking with one of our professionals or QuickBooks online reports.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques1- Does QuickBooks use EFTPS?

Ans – Yes, QuickBooks allows you to use EFTPS. And hence you can pay your taxes electronically.

Ques 2 – How do I enroll in EFTPS?

Ans –  First,  visit the official site of EFTPS. Click on Enrollment and select the business. After that, fill in the requested information. Click on Submit. You will get a PIN at mail within 7 days. It will allow you to login into your EFTPS account.

Ques 3 – How do I find my 10 digit PIN for e-file in QuickBooks?

Ans – You have to complete your online PIN registration process. After the approval, the IRS sends you a 10 digit PIN. It will be in a sealed envelope.

Ques 4 – Can you e file 941 through QuickBooks?

Ans – Yes you can do so. The QB desktop Payroll Enhanced allows you to pay and file 941 taxes and forms electronically.

Ques 5 – How do I find my E file PIN?

Ans – If you have forgotten, or lost your IP PIN, you have to visit the and request the portal for IP PIN. If you can’t access it online, you can contact the support team and ask what the problem is. You can also get it reissued.

Ques 6 – How do I find my EFTPS PIN in QuickBooks?

Ans – At present there is no way to see PIN in Quickbooks Desktop. It happens due to security reasons. You can contact the EFTPS support team. They will resent the PIN via Mail.

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