RE: QuickBooks Error H505 while opening QuickBooks

I see error H505 when I try to login to the company file in Quickbooks

tlarkinsdmd Asked on June 27, 2018 in Company File.
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QuickBooks error H505 usually appears when QuickBooks tries to communicate with the Host computer but fails to do so. There are some similar errors as well i.e. H101, H202, H303 that indicate multi-user hosting problems


Below steps can help you resolve Quickbooks Error H505:

Step 1: Verify Hosting Turned on only on the Host computer and not on the other computers

Step 2: Check if QuickBooksDB Service running and the file location has been added to the QB Database Server Manager

Step 3: Verify that the folder which contains the company files has the correct permissions set

Step 4: Configure Windows Firewall or Antivirus to allow QuickBooks Ports and Application


If the above steps do not help you solve this issue, you can Add the Host computer name in the hosts file along with its IP Address. For expert assistance, you must consult a Certified ProAdvisor.

Answered on June 30, 2018.

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