I am not able to login to my QuickBooks File, receiving error code H505.

I have been using QuickBooks in Multi-user mode and one of the users are unable to login to the Company File. 

Asked on May 29, 2018 in Error Messages.
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James the steps you have suggested appear to be helpful for QuickBooks error code H505. Let me share my experience with a similar situation.

I have been working for an Interior Designing Company and have been working on QuickBooks for the past 6 years. QuickBooks is an amazing application which provides so much ease for management of the Accounts,

I understand Stela’s concern, that having no access to the Files hampers the business because every minute is important. I think the Firewall or Antivirus software might be causing the problem, so probably you’d need to add few rules to allow communication between the Client & Host.

Answered on June 4, 2018.

This problem seems to be related to the Multi-User hosting setup in QuickBooks, I assume there might be multiple users accessing the files from different computers, it is a very critical problem that can lead to data loss, If the program is not configured correctly there might be a situation where all the users are working on different files. Now, depending on your infrastructure, you can either use a Windows Server followed by regular Windows computers. Trying to solve such a problem on your own is not recommended, it is best to consult a Technical person to fix QuickBooks error code H505.

Answered on June 5, 2018.

Hey  Stela, a similar situation occurred with our QuickBooks and we had to re-enter 2 days of information all over again. We had to involve a ProAdvisor who helped us re-configure the Database Manager and relocated the files for the error message H505.

QuickBooks Error H505 gives you a clear indication of additional configuration needed on your computer. It says that there is some configuration issue with that specific computer on which your QuickBooks business file is located. It is a matter, where there is a need for expert assistance for getting the said issue resolved.

QuickBooks error H505 could arise due to other causes too, which include:

  • Firewall or the security software might be blocking access to the system within which the business file is located.
  • QuickBooks is not able to identify the IP address of the computer within which the company file is located.
  • Damaged.ND file.
  • Inappropriate hosting configuration settings.
Answered on May 30, 2018.

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