How can I disable QuickBooks messenger?

Reconciliation is one of the very important accounting tasks that requires my complete focus. During this time, I find it extremely disruptive if somebody keeps texting me. QuickBooks messenger is a great tool to track my employees when they have logged in, it is also very helpful to for chatting with other users sitting on a different floor of my office. However, at times it can be quite distracting when I’m in the middle of completing an important task and keep receiving messages. I like this feature but I want to know how to disable when I’m busy at work. Also, I am sure there is a way to re-enable this. It would be great if somebody could help me with this issue.

Asked on July 17, 2019 in QuickBooks Desktop.
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Greetings, thank you for reaching out to the community regarding this issue. I will be glad to help you disable QuickBooks messenger. However, before we go about this particular procedure, I would like to provide you with some information regarding the QuickBooks Messenger Tool. This tool only works in QuickBooks desktop for multi-users.

Suppose some of the employees are working on invoicing and some of them are working on sending the emails to customers, you can use this tool to keep a track of all those employees by just chatting with them and knowing how much work they have completed until now. You can also instruct them on how to perform a certain task very easily.

You can utilize the various modes of QuickBooks Messenger like Online, Away, Busy, in meeting and Do not disturb. You can consider selecting one of these options instead of disabling the whole messenger tool if you are doing some important work maybe you can put it on the away or busy mode and if you do not want any disturbance you can select do not disturb mode.

Now, to know the procedure to disable QuickBooks messenger, you will need to visit the following article: Methods to Enable and Disable QuickBooks Messenger

If the issue still persists even after you have performed all the steps as illustrated in the aforementioned article or if you are harboring any queries regarding disabling QuickBooks messenger, please do contact the toll-free QuickBooks customer support number.

Answered on July 25, 2019.

Steps to disable QuickBooks messenger. If you don’t want to use the messenger, follow the steps given below to disable the tool.

  1. First of all, open QuickBooks from your system.
  2. Now, select the switch to multi-user mode.
  3. You have to sign in as an admin.
  4. Then, go to the File menu and click on utilities.
  5. Click on disable messenger.
  6. Finally, log out of the company file and sign in again to check.
Answered on June 10, 2020.

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