RE: Unable to pay Payroll Liabilities using Quickbooks Enterprise

I am using QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 and I am trying to pay my payroll liabilities but it gives an error message and freezes the Quickbooks application.

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E-pay is obtainable for certain agencies with Quickbooks Enterprise Payroll Enhanced.  To file a payment electronically, or E-Pay, through QuickBooks Desktop you must have the below-mentioned feature available in QuickBooks:

    • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced subscription with a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop.


    • An internet connection.


    • Latest payroll updates.


    • E-Pay setup for making E-payment.



To submit your E-Payment:


    • In QuickBooks Desktop, go to Employees > Payroll Center.


    • In the Payroll Center, click the Pay Liabilities tab (on the right).


    • While in the Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities section, select the liability you want to pay.


    • Click the View/Pay button.


    • Review the liability for the accuracy and then click the E-Pay button.


    • In the Agency Login window, please enter your login information.


    • Click Submit. A confirmation appears that Intuit has received your request and will submit your e-payment to the correct agency. You may print the confirmation.


    • Click Close.


Note: You will get a confirmation email to confirm the submission of your e-payment. To ensure that the payment or form is submitted to the agency in a timely manner, it’s important to check the status of the e-payment or e-filed form after it’s submitted. That way, you’ll have time to handle any issues that may come up.

For more information, questions or instant resolution call our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Number.

Answered on July 16, 2018.

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