Employees are unable to view their Paychecks via Intuit Website

After we are processing Payroll via QuickBooks Desktop, our employees are unable to view their paychecks online.

Asked on July 31, 2018 in Payroll Reports.
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When your employer uploads your pay stub to an online portal which is called view my paycheck, it should appear on a specific page where you can sign in and see all the details. Sometimes this feature does not work due to some technical difficulties. Before we proceed with the troubleshooting first let’s see what is it and how does it work?

What is view my paycheck:

A website called ViewMyPaycheck (https://paychecks.intuit.com) that makes it easy for employers to give employees online access to their own paycheck information. Now this allows you the ease of access of your pay stubs, which means no more printing and mailing pay stubs every payday or replacing lost or damaged pay stubs. they can easily sign in to their View My Paycheck website and see any current or previous pay stubs.


For View My PayCheck, you need to sign up with the same. you easily run your payroll in QuickBooks Desktop and then upload the paycheck information to your Intuit account.


Employees are provided the sign in details to login to the website where they can check their pay stubs.


  1. Please ensure you are using QuickBooks for Windows, have installed the latest maintenance release and the latest payroll updates.
  2. Select Employees > Manage Payroll Cloud Services.
  3. If you don’t see the payroll cloud services option, it means you do not have the latest QuickBooks Desktop maintenance release or the latest payroll updates installed.
  4. You need to click on the View My Paycheck checkbox.
  5. When you get the prompt, create or confirm a PIN used to send payroll data.
  6. Click on Save Changes.
  7. Click on Return to QuickBooks in the confirmation box.
  8. Next time you run payroll for employees, try to upload your paycheck information to Intuit when requested. Before employees can sign up and access for ViewMyPaycheck, you need to upload their respective paychecks.


Answered on August 1, 2018.

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