How to import bank transactions in QuickBooks using Excel CSV files?

I have some bank transactions in Excel CSV format and I want to import them into my QuickBooks bank register. Help

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Hello Dwayne.

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We are working under the assumption that you are running QuickBooks Online. It is quite possible to import bank transactions to your software using Excel CSV files. You can do so in two different formats, including:

  • 3-column format
  • 4-column format

The 3-column format includes three distinct categories for date, description, as well as the amount.

This is how it would look if you are following this format:

Date Description Amount
8/8/2019 PAYMENT HERE -3300$
7/5/2019 DEPOSIT HERE 4000$

The 4-column format includes four distinct categories for date, description, as well two separate columns for credit and debit.

This is an example of this format:

Date Description Credit Debit
8/8/2019 PAYMENT HERE 3300$
7/5/2019 DEPOSIT HERE 4000$

Make sure you format them correctly for the import process. Any incorrect formatting could result in you receiving an error.

Hope this helps.


Answered on December 8, 2018.

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