Why am I not able to restore QuickBooks backup file?

My computer died last Friday and fortunately I have company file backups on the flash drive. The QuickBooks is installed and everything else is working fine. While trying to restore the QuickBooks backup file, the restore operation fails and end up twice with these messages “Error: Restore Failed. This is Invalid Backup file Format” and “Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove log file”. I never had problems creating QuickBooks Backups and they were always successful. It is driving me crazy as I can’t chances with the month old backups and enter the information all over again. The older QuickBooks may have problems too. I desperately need to restore QuickBooks backup and get back to work. We have sent our old hard drive for QuickBooks Data Recovery and I am not sure about the likelihood. I am posting with a hopefulness to get the information about why QuickBooks won’t restore backup. I am willing to apply all the possible steps to resolve QuickBooks restore failed error. Thanks and looking forward.

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Hi, your post is highly appreciated on our QuickBooks Community and I am privileged to assist you today. You will be right back to your center, restore your QuickBooks Backup and get you going as usual. Your question makes me share some insights to help you better understand how things are presently placed at your side in contrast to how they must be. I am sure that the information will help you know the causes of QuickBooks Restore errors and resolve them on your own.  Failed QuickBooks backup restore is considered because of the following causes.

Causes of QuickBooks Restore Error -6189, -816 and QuickBooks Error -6000, -83   

    • A damaged QuickBooks backup file.


    • The QuickBooks backup file might have been renamed with special characters.


    • Restoring the backup to a location having a copy of the same company file.


    • The backup is being restored directly from a USB storage or a network location.


    • The backup is being restored in an older version of QuickBooks than what that was made from.


These are possibilities for not able to restore QuickBooks backups. Click on the bog link underneath to troubleshoot issues restoring QuickBooks backups. Hopefully, the blog helps you resolve backup restore issues in QuickBooks.


Article Link:

How to Fix QuickBooks Backup Restore Errors

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Answered on June 15, 2019.

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