Will my QuickBooks 2015 and QuickBooks 2016 work on Windows 10?

We have two company files used on two different computers. The Backoffice computer has QuickBooks Pro 2016 that is dedicatedly used for Company’s bookkeeping and Payroll processing. The front desk computer has QuickBooks Pro 2015 and is used for just for making sales receipts for the customers. Both the computers are older with Windows 7 and Vista installed on them and have horribly slow performance. Before we replace the old computers with the newer ones, will our existing QuickBooks Software’s be compatible with Windows 10? We have to decide the further course of action basis that information. Can someone quickly suggest or share some information? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Cheryl,


Thanks for posting your requirements on our QuickBooks Community. I am pleased to serve you with the related information as per your request for information. Let’s begin with QuickBooks 2015 front office computer first. QuickBooks 2015 is already a sunset version and the official support for it ended on May 31, 2018. Payroll is no longer supported on QuickBooks and the same will apply for QuickBooks Pro 2016 before long i.e. May 31, 2019.

The Windows 10 and QuickBooks compatibility question creeps in as Microsoft Windows 10 keeps on updating an obsolete version of QuickBooks doesn’t. The technology experts also say that Windows 10 presently supports QuickBooks version 2016 and higher. Consider this magical, If the QuickBooks 2015 is flawlessly running and work on Windows 10 in some set-ups.

As submitted by QuickBooks Customer Support in response to the issues reported about QuickBooks Windows 10 error, after trying the possibilities to make it work.  You will face QuickBooks compatibility issues with Windows 10 if you decide to upgrade to Windows 10 and unsupported QuickBooks version is installed.

If it is required to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 or installing new Windows 10 computers for instance. Unsupported QuickBooks is to be replaced with the QuickBooks desktop versions compatible with Windows 10 as well. QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade not only offers the latest features but helps you avoid QuickBooks windows 10 compatibility error 15241.  Furthermore, you can refer to the article link underneath for more technical insights.

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Answered on May 11, 2019.

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