Incorrect Ending Date While Reconciling Bank Account in QuickBooks

I just Reconciled my bank account Till June but the report shows that the ending date is 31 May, I need to change this data. Any Idea how can we do it?

Asked on July 11, 2018 in Banking.
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As per description is given in the question that you asked, it seems that the ending date is incorrect in QuickBooks.

There are several options we can choose:


    • Go to the Reconcile screen. You will see an Undo button on the box. Go ahead and undo the last Reconciliation and re-reconciled again with the correct date.


    • If you are not a QuickBooks Accountant, choose the Bank Register and click on R until it’s gone. You will need to do this for each transaction for that period to un-reconcile that month. Then, re-reconcile using the correct date.


If you just started your reconciliation and you are not finished with reconciliation, you still have the option to edit the statement ending date. You can simply click on the Edit info button at the top of the Reconciliation screen.

If you are finished with reconciliation, you can no longer go back and change it. We can do either of the following:


    • You can leave the date and just make sure to select the correct end date the next time you reconcile (an incorrect date doesn’t affect any balances and will not prevent you from future reconciliation).


    • The other option is that we can un-reconciled and then re-reconcile with the correct end date.


If there is any issue related to understanding the above content, then you can speak to an expert at QuickBooks Tech Support Desk number.

Answered on July 18, 2018.

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