How Job Costing in QuickBooks Works and help our business to realize accuracy with respect to our estimates?

Hi, this is Bruce from Skyscraper Services LLC and I am associated with this business for 3 month as a controller. Shockingly, we don’t have an Idea of the Actual versus the projected cost of the projects handled by us. This gives me a feeling that we could have delivered few of our projects done with making profit. In my previous company we had very a bookkeeper with industry specific expertise and I never had to bother about anything. I am seriously interested to acquaint my accounting people for optimal project costing to ensure the bottom line profitability of the future projects. We are in to construction business and allied jobs and need easy to understand information about QuickBooks Job Costing. Thank a lot.

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Hi Bruce, your intent is inspiring to help your teammates learn and grow whilst striving to ensure the bottom line profitability of the organization. I am here in tandem with you and enthusiastic to brawn you and your company. I hope that the information shared underneath will comply with your quest. Job Costing in QuickBooks is a flagship feature that helps job and project-based business to track the business income and expenses. The QuickBooks Job costing feature helps to obtain insights into a job a project to the core and elevate its fertility.

Furthermore, Class and Location analysis help you evaluate accurate costing versus estimates. For the healthiest Job costing in QuickBooks, it is vital to have the key prerequisites fostered decorously and are shown below.

    • Each Job or Project must be setup.


    • The items involved in a job or a project must be optimized for Job Costing.


    • All expenses must be aligned to the jobs or projects (Billable time, Job-related purchases, overhead & sundry expenses.


    • The estimates must be entered in QuickBooks to map the actual expenses as briefed.


    • Enter all the invoices under the correct Job or project.


These QuickBooks Job costing parameters will help you see how your project is doing on various stages. Subsequently, for essential information on setting up Job Costing in QuickBooks, please click on the article link placed underneath. Hope this helps

Article Link: How to Set up Job Costing in QuickBooks

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Answered on June 21, 2019.

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