I am Unable to connect to remote server. Can somebody help me with this issue?

I have been working QuickBooks for a few years now. I share my QuickBooks Company file data among 4 users in the office to whom I have provided all the equal rights. It was working fine until today. One of the QuickBooks users received the error message “Unable to connect to remote server” while loading the company file. Due to this error, my daily work has been completely halted and started to affect my business. I am unsure as to why the user is receiving the error message “Unable to connect to remote server”. I have tried to find out about this issue on the internet but every website is providing a different solution and I am unsure about which one to follow. Can someone please assist me?

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I understand the urgency of fixing this error as it is affecting your business, however, the error message “Unable to connect to remote server could be appearing on your system because of several reasons. Identifying these issues will help you find the root of the cause.

The factors that contribute to the occurrence of this issue are:

    • QuickBooks Database Server is not able to communicate properly with the client computer.


    • QuickBooks Database server is not configured properly.


    • It is very likely that the Anti-virus software installed on the computer is blocking the incoming and outgoing ports.


    • There might be an issue with the permission of a user or a new update has made some changes to the profile.


    • The Local Area Network is lagging and hangs up for a few seconds.


You may also visit the following article: QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server – An Introduction to know about the steps to resolve this issue.

I hope I was able to answer your question and clear off some doubts. if you still have any query regarding the “Unable to connect to remote server” error then please contact our customer support team at 1-888-899-5690.

Answered on July 25, 2019.

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