Unable to take backup on QuickBooks Desktop Pro

When I attempt to backup my files in pro 2018, i am faced with this – “Quickbooks was unable to back up your company file. QuickBooks could not create a disk image”.

Asked on September 14, 2018 in Troubleshooting.
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Hi Beth!

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Your backup location might be inaccessible to your software. Whether it be writing issues, disc corruption or a virus found at the location. If you are trying to backup to an external location such as a USB drive, then try remounting it.

If this doesn’t work, then the next step would be to perform a reboot of your computer.

Alternatively, try performing a full reset of your external drive by formatting it.

Be very careful while you attempt this process, as any mistake could cause you major data loss.

Hope this helped.


Answered on October 10, 2018.

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