How to Fix QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error Code 3180?

While trying to create journal entries in QuickBooks POS, it prompts the Error Code 3180. How do I resolve it?

Asked on December 27, 2018 in QuickBooks Point Of Sale.
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With the help of Point of Sale (POS), you can exchange the account transactions and reconcile your account easily. So, it is one of the most comprehensive software that we use in our daily business use. But, sometimes what happens when we are dealing with these types of software’s they don’t function properly and gives us a lot of errors like 3180. So, in this blog, we are going to fix QuickBooks POS error 3180 step by step.

Five reasons for QuickBooks error 3180 and resolution

QuickBooks Error Code 3180 There was a problem with saving the General Journal Transaction: This error Mainly comes up when.

    1. The voucher is Damaged.


    1. The account Indicating to the item was not correct when the sale was done.


    1. The selected account that is linked to the item is inactive.


    1. The account not listed in the QuickBooks or you might have deleted the account in QuickBooks.


Reverse the voucher

    1. First of all, you need to Re-create the voucher.


    1. Now you need to Run the financial exchange.


Recheck the accounts

    1. To Recheck the accounts, click on the Home page, then select Sales History, after that take note of all the affected items.


    1. Our second step is to Go back to the Home screen, after that select the Item List, then you need to click on Edit from the upper right.


    1. In the third step, we need to check the account mapping whether it is mapped or not.


    1. Now you need to, make sure the accounts affected are active.


    1. Once all done open QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, then select Item List, after that you need to click on Edit to configure the correct Income/Asset/COGS account in the item/s.


    1. Once all set Select Save and then click on Run Financial Exchange.


Solution 1 :

    1. First of all, Open your POS and then click on Sales History.


    1. Now you need to select the account type listing and go for the latest receipt with payout tag.


    1. Once account listing is on Click on I Want.


    1. After that click on Reverse.


    1. Once it’s done you need to Leave Account Payable and Account Receivable accounts and create a new paid out account.


Solution 2 :

    1. Our next step is to Go to the File menu.


    1. Under the file menu, you need to Select preferences and then click on the company.


    1. After that click on financial and then select Accounts.


    1. Make sure to check Basic and Advanced Settings in your POS.


    1. Once it’s done Check the account mapping whether it’s done properly or not.


    1. Now click on Save and run the financial exchange.


Solution 3 :

    1. In the third step, we have to Go to the Lists menu from QuickBooks Point of Sale menu bar.


    1. After that Click on the Item List.


    1. Once you are in the item list Check each and every POS item make sure correct account is listed under the item list.


    1. Now try to Run Financial exchange once again.


Solution 4 :

    1. Go to the QuickBooks Lists menu.


    1. After that, you need to Select customer and vendor profile lists.


    1. Under the profile, list Select the payment method list.


    1. In the payment, method list clicks on Cash method.


    1. Here you have to click on Edit Payment method.


    1. In the payment method add letter X to the payment method and click OK.


    1. After that make a Right click on Cash method and then choose new.


    1. Now we have to Create new cash method for our POS.


    1. Then click on Run financial exchange to load the data.


    1. If it’s still giving you the same error Rename all the payment methods.



If you are following along with me step by step this will definitely resolve the QuickBooks POS error 3180. If you are still facing the same issue you can contact us for QuickBooks Desktop POS support line.

Answered on February 18, 2019.

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