Why my QuickBooks is not opening up?

I have a hard time opening my QuickBooks, I tried opening it from my Desktop and Taskbar Icon both, but QuickBooks won’t open. I updated Windows and restarted my computer as suggested in a blog that I read expecting it to resolve issues opening QuickBooks. Nothing changed, I still have the same problem opening QuickBooks Desktop. Is it because something went wrong with my software or there could be some other problem? A prompt response with some information is very much appreciated.

Asked on June 4, 2019 in QuickBooks Premier.
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Thanks for sharing your concerns, Tom! The information that I am providing you is purely related to problems opening your QuickBooks program. You will be back to normal in the minimal time frame on your own. All you need is to understand the troubleshooting steps properly and I hope you are soberly aware of basic PC computer tweaking.

Your QuickBooks program doesn’t start for a number of reasons that can prevent QuickBooks to open correctly. The second scenario that is considered as QuickBooks Won’t open is the program windows partially appears very small in size. The third Scenario is when a user clicks the QuickBooks Icon multiple times and that prevents it from opening. Suitable time must be allowed for QuickBooks load before the second attempt.

In order to Resolve Problems Opening QuickBooks Desktop, you must know the causes and learn to fix issues related to opening QuickBooks Program.

Triggers of QuickBooks Won’t Open Error

  • Damaged QuickBooks core components due to an improper computer shut down.
  • A missing or corrupt QBUSER.INI file.
  • Too long company file name.
  • Bad Sectors on your hard drive.
  • QuickBooks Services stopped working.
  • A virus or malware quarantined the QuickBooks program folders.
  • Missing operating system components.

Please follow the link to the article put below to learn and resolve QuickBooks opening issues. Hope the helps you to get back to business.


Article Link:


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Answered on June 8, 2019.

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