Error 6097 while opening Company File in QuickBooks

When I am trying to open the company file in quickbooks, I receive the error 6097

Asked on June 28, 2018 in Company File.
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QuickBooks Error 6097: cannot communicate with the company file. This is an error is usually caused by one or more of the following reasons:

  • A third-party firewall installed on the network
  • Connection to the server has been lost or the server is not set up properly to open the company file.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not running on the server or crashed.


Best possible solutions for this error:

  • Download and run the QB File Doctor.
  • Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Configure windows firewall or any installed third-party firewall.
  • Check the company file folder permissions
  • Try to create a network data (.ND) file
  • Verify the hosting of your company file


Quick Tips to resolve the issue:

  • Restart Database Server Manager or stop the service for it.
  • Move the file to a different folder
  • Set Power saving option to never


If your company file is stored on a portable drive/external drive, follow these steps:

  • Your company file should be stored on the local drive. Working on your company file while it is on a portable drive (external drive), such as a flash drive, is not recommended. Proceed with the following steps at your own risk.
  • Check your portable drive
  • Make sure your portable drive is still connected. You may try:
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting your drive from your computer
  • Finding your QuickBooks company file on your removable drive from My Computer
  • Saving other files to your drive to make sure it’s working (usb errors)
  • Make sure your drive has plenty of available space (it’s not full). It should have at least as much free space as the size of your company file.

Answered on June 28, 2018.

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