Why am I receiving the QuickBooks error 108 whilst using QuickBooks Online?

The main reason why I switched from QuickBooks Desktop to the Online version is to avoid all the errors that I used to get. I subscribed to QuickBooks Online last month and transferred all of my data from QuickBooks Desktop to the Online edition. It was working fine until today when I tried to get my bank account connected to QuickBooks. That is when the QuickBooks error 108 message appeared on my screen. Initially I thought that there was an issue with my bank. I tried to login to my Bank website and I was able to login just fine. I have years of data in QuickBooks and do not want to lose anything because of QuickBooks error 108. Can somebody help me fix this as soon as possible?

Asked on October 1, 2019 in Company File.
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Hi, thank you for reaching out to our community regarding this issue. I will be glad to help you resolve QuickBooks error 108. However, before we go through the steps of resolution, we must first understand the major causes that contribute towards the occurrence of this error. The first and most important cause is the default Browser is not configured properly.

The following are the factors that cause the QuickBooks error 108 to occur:

    • Your bank might have introduced the New term of Service.


    • Lack of good and seamless Internet connection is the of the major cause of this issue.


    • Your bank could have updated some policies and new terms which requires your attention and acceptance.


    • The Web server through the internet is not setup fine.


    • The Firewall within the Security software installed on computer is blocking the incoming or the outgoing connection.


Now, to learn the steps of resolving this error, you must read the following article: How to Fix QuickBooks Error 108?

I am sure you will get a fair idea about the actual scenario and if you still have any queries regarding  QuickBooks error 108, you can get in touch with a ProAdvisor Support Service by contacting them and get this error fixed swiftly.

Answered on October 3, 2019.

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