How to add vehicles in QuickBooks Desktop? Can someone help me with the detailed information on this?

Hi, we are a wholesale trading business facilitating retail stores with our product range delivered to them. All our logistics is outsourced and is quite expensive too. Out my research to seek an alternative to curb the cost we incur, I read about the vehicle management functionality in QuickBooks. We are most definitely going to purchase a blend of used and new vehicles on loan. I am rigorously inviting RFI’s on different portals before we make this move for concrete realization of our objective

Asked on September 27, 2019 in Company File.
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Hello there, Thanks for you post and your requirements have been thoroughly recorded. Subsequently, I am going to help you with all that would help you to add and manage vehicles in QuickBooks. I assure you that managing vehicles in QuickBooks will not only help you curb the present logistics expense, you will realize the following objective also.

    • Record and manage used vehicles purchased in QuickBooks.


    • Setup up down payment and loan payment for new vehicles in QuickBooks.


    • Record and manage exiting vehicles in QuickBooks


    • Versatile reporting for logistics in QuickBooks for on time decision-making.


    • Mileage expenses tracking in QuickBooks.


    • Mileage by Vehicle Detail tracking in QuickBooks.


    • Mileage Tracking by Job Summary in QuickBooks.


    • Mileage tracking by Job Detail in QuickBooks.


    • Create a journal entry for the sale of a vehicle with a loan liability in QuickBooks.


    • Record a vehicle trade in with a note and a trade in allowance in QuickBooks.


I hope this information serves you with the insights about vehicle management functionality in QuickBooks.   You should not look back or be afraid of having in-house logistics. Our QuickBooks Support Team is here for instant help to add and setup vehicles in QuickBooks. You can take a look at the website for help articles. Hope this helps.

Answered on September 30, 2019.

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