Hey, what should I do to get rid of “Unexpected Internal Error (-31600)?

I am using QuickBooks online since 2 years and never had such an error popping up. I sign in to QuickBooks mostly from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and I have the same error on both. Going with a suggestion from one of my officemates I restarted my computer in order to get everything refreshed. I still have the same Error Code 31600 in QuickBooks and I can’t figure out why? Everything else works absolutely fine through my browsers. A Quick solution is welcome, Thanks.

Asked on September 4, 2019 in Company File.
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Thanks for the post. I hope you are well!

I will provide you the necessary information with quite easy steps in order to fix QuickBooks Error -31600 on your own. I expect your computer and the installed components in good shape failing which can the cause of Error Code -31000 in QuickBooks Online.

QBO is an Online API, the missing local parameters trigger the aforesaid QBO error -31600 despite having everything alight from Intuit Servers.  Preventive tips must be proactively applied to help you to reduce the occurrence QuickBooks Error -31600 in your App.

Causes of QuickBooks Unexpected Internal Error (-31600)

    • Too many unknown browser extensions.


    • Clogged Internet bandwidth.


    • Overrunning Browser Cache.


    • Redundant System resources.


    • Quarantined QBO app links.


    • Firewall or a Security Software clocking the connectivity to Intuit Servers.


    • Incompatible or outdated Internet Browser.


Self-service the issue after patiently reading the help article along with the steps to resolve QuickBooks Internal Error Code -31600. Alternatively, you can get touch with our QuickBooks Online Support Team +1-888-899-5690 for quick diagnosis and resolution in order to skip the downtime. Please take a look at the help article placed underneath.

FOR SUPPORT, CALL @ 1-888-899-5690

Answered on September 5, 2019.

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