How do I invoice a client for the commission I have earned for selling their products

I want to know how to create an invoice for the commission on the sales of their items – it’s a simple percentage of the gross – and I don’t know which categories and all are proper

Asked on December 11, 2018 in Account Management.
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Hello Jack!

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It depends on what you want the client to see.

Create another charge item for the commission, select your income account, and enter the rate as a percent, i.e., 23% (include the % sign), set to non-taxable.

If they do not need to see the gross amount, on the invoice, select the commission item manually calculate and enter the amount.

If they do need to see the gross amount, then create a service item called gross sales, and select an asset account you create called clearing on the invoice:

Line one: Select the gross sales item, qty = 1, and enter the amount of gross sales, non-taxable

Line two: Select the commission item, qty = 1, non-taxable

Line three: Select the gross sales item and enter a qty of negative one (-1), and the same gross sales amount, non-taxable.


The invoice will net to the commission due.


Hope this helped.


Answered on January 2, 2019.

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