How to delete a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks?

I want to Delete the SALES RECEIPT but don’t know how to delete it as its already saved & shows that Payment has been received, but I also have the Invoice which I’ve created which shows Payment received, so I now have double the money showing. Can someone help?

Asked on January 15, 2019 in Account Management.
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QuickBooks is an application which helps your business to keep track of all the transactions, payroll information, budget, and other financial information. We can save the receipts in the QuickBooks database for future reference once your sale is done. QuickBooks suggests that a user must keep a record of all transactions if you no longer need any receipt you can delete any old receipts. We also suggest that you should void receipts instead of deleting them it can be a good idea. Voiding and changes transaction amounts to zero and marks the receipts as paid.

You can follow below steps to first create a backup and then delete sales receipts in QuickBooks:

  • Launch the QuickBooks application
  • Go to file and click on create a backup
  • You can save this backup any desired location
  • Once the backup is done, Click on Sales or Invoicing depending on your QB set up in the left-hand menu bar
  • Hit on All Sales
  • Click on Filter, under the Transaction type locate the Sales Receipt then click Apply.
  • Highlight the same Sales Receipt you want to Delete
  • See on bottom of the same window and click More option and then choose Delete option
  • You will see a prompt for Yes to confirm the deletion of the Sales Receipt


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Answered on February 12, 2019.

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