What Advanced Features are there in the Enterprise Version of QuickBooks?

I was researching online and found out that QuickBooks Enterprise has some advanced features, what are they? I need to know more about them.

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Hi Carl,

QuickBooks Enterprise edition is a premium software from Intuit, it is part of the family of most popular Intuit accounting software QuickBooks Pro and Premier. QuickBooks Enterprise edition is designed by its developers in such a way that it can handle larger data and can connect around 30 users as well.

QuickBooks Enterprise edition allows users to store more data as well as compare to QuickBooks Pro and Premier, it allows to store data up to 1 GB as compared to 150 MB. QuickBooks Enterprise edition is mainly designed for large scale business which has many employees and chart of accounts to handle.

QuickBooks Enterprise edition has 14 predefined and saved user roles that will help the subscriber to create users more efficiently and easily. There are many exclusive features that Enterprise Edition has those stand out if compare to other versions, as this blog is all about features let’s list them first before a detailed explanation about QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Features:

  • More space for users and data.
  • Advanced Reporting.
  • Advanced Inventory.
  • Advanced Pricing.
  • Priority Circle Membership.
  • Web Hosting.
  • More enhanced and Smart Integration.
  • Consolidate Reporting.
  • Sales Order Tracking.
  • Cycle Count.

More space for users and data

QuickBooks Enterprise edition can track and manage hundreds and thousands of customers, vendors, inventory items and more, it provides 6 times more capacity to store data as compare to Pro and Premier.

Advanced Reporting

In this feature, QuickBooks enterprise edition has the most advanced reporting tool that allows the users to generate the report using the bundled templates especially for manufacturing, retail, contractor, wholesale. These templates save lots of user’s precious time by auto filling the company data.

Advanced Inventory

Advanced inventory tool allows users to track items within the ware house on a specific bin and shelf and let the user to scan barcodes to enter the data regarding stock very quickly. With its Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship, the user can track the entire sales order fulfillment process from one central dashboard.

Advanced Pricing

This feature helps the user to control, customize and automate the pricing right within QuickBooks. User doesn’t have to manually update the pricing now. User can also control the base pricing and change them as per the business requirements.

Priority Circle Membership

Priority Circle membership is an automatic subscription for all Enterprise edition users, this Priority Circle provides a dedicated Customer Success Manager to address user’s business-specific needs, questions and query.

Web Hosting

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting provides the secure way to access the data for the subscriber and all the users associated with the account, users can access the data simultaneously whenever they need, where ever they need and flexibility of using any device including MAC and Apple iPhone.

More enhanced and Smart Integration

Over 180 unique applications now integrate with QuickBooks Enterprise edition, it is expandable and customizable for all the business needs.

Consolidate Reporting

In this feature, user can consolidate the reports of multiple company files and combined them to 1 report to analyze the progress, or a loss in the business.

Sales Order Tracking

User can now easily process and track sales orders pick, pack, and ship—from a central dashboard and mobile devices.

Cycle Count

Cycle Count allows user to track and update inventory levels in real time from a centralized inventory dashboard.

Answered on February 18, 2019.

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