How to install QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant version?

I have already purchased QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0 Accountant version for five users. I want to install that in five computers and use it multi user mode. Need someone to help me!

Asked on February 4, 2019 in QuickBooks Enterprise.
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Thank you for posting on our community forum. I will be glad to help you with this. If you are new user of QuickBooks Enterprise you will need to know about the software features.

    1. Login to or go to


    1. After you have successfully logged in you will see your list of software in the account.


    1. Select QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0 Accountant, it will give a download link. Download and install the software.


Note: If you are installing that on a server just to store your data file install the database server manager, if you want to use QuickBooks on server install the complete software you can still store the data file if you are using the software on server.) For more information on QB Database Server manager you can visit or you can always call our QuickBooks Certified Consultants.

    1. Once the software installation is completed on all computers including server, you will need to get the data file ready.


Note: If you already have an old data file in an external drive you can restore the backup on the computer in which you want to keep the data file either server or administrator computer.  If you are using QuickBooks for first time you can create a new company file.

After successful completion of the installation of software and restoring backup file now we need to set up the company file to work in Multi -User mode.

If the company file is on server and database server manager is installed.

    1. Open database server manager and scan the file.


    1. Run QuickBooks file doctor which will automatically open the firewall ports.


If file doctor is not able to open the ports, you can read Configure Firewall for Multi-User Environment in QuickBooks.

    1. Provide file sharing rights from the server.


    1. If you are not able to locate the server file from QuickBooks you can map the drive on your local computer.


    1. Open QuickBooks click on file and select switch to multi user mode.


    1. Now open QuickBooks on any of the computer click on file and select open a company file. Select the server and then the folder where your company file is located and open the file.


 If the company file is on a local machine and other users will be accessing the file from that computer.

    1. If you don’t want to store the file on server and you want to store a file on a local computer. You will have to make sure that all the computers are under the same network connection.


    1. Open QuickBooks in the computer where your company file is located.


    1. Open the company file and while opening the company make sure to check the box open in multi user mode. Click on file on the top and in the drop down select switch to multi user mode.


Now open QuickBooks in other computers and select the location of the files and and login with your username and password.

Answered on February 12, 2019.

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