Unable to print from QuickBooks Enterprise 17 Edition

Hi, I am using QuickBooks Enterprise 17 on 1 computer. I updated the Printer driver today in the morning but now I am unable to take the print out from QuickBooks. Kindly Help!

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Hello, Natale Lucido

I understand that you have updated the Printer drivers after which you are unable to print from QuickBooks Desktop. I understand this could be frustrating for you. There are many complex steps involved in it but If you are not sure that you can work with these steps you can also call the QuickBooks Support center

Before we start the troubleshooting steps, you must confirm and make sure that your QuickBooks Enterprise should be update to the latest updates, if you are not sure, you can update the QuickBooks first.

Check you Printer

You can use the Notepad or Microsoft Word to check whether your printer is printing or not

    1. Open the Notepad or Microsoft Word


    1. Enter text or open any pre-saved file and go to File Menu, and click Print.


    1. Now choose the printer and tab Print.


if you get the printout go to step 2 but if you didn’t get the printout proceed with these steps.

    • Do the printer and computer power cycle.


    • Make sure the Printer is connected to the computer.


    • Make sure that paper is loaded to the correct tray.


    • Go to Control Panel, and open Printers and Faxes.


    • Right click on the printer and go to printer properties and check if it shows Offline, make the printer Online again.


    • Make sure the que of the printer should be empty.


    • Repeat the above-mentioned steps again to test the printer.


Step 2: Run the Repair tool

If you succeed to take the print from the printer the next step is to run the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool.  Or you can also do the steps manually which this tool would do the same.

    • Navigate to below mentioned location and right click on “QBPrint.qbp”.


Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista: “C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20xx(version of QuickBooks)”.

    • Select Rename the file, add .OLD in the last.


    • Open QuickBooks again and login to your company file.


    • Go to the file and choose Printer setup


    • Select any transaction from the Form Name List and it will create qbp file again.


    • Now try to print again.



If you Think you had gone thru every step correctly & still the issue continues, then you should call our QuickBooks Enterprise customer support.

Answered on February 12, 2019.

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